Funny / The Secret Notes of Lady Kanoko

  • Any time Tsubaki and Himeno exchange grimaces and smug looks. They're almost sitcom rivals.
  • In chapter 2 of the sequel, Tsubaki off-handedly mentions to Naedoko the time they stayed in a hotel room together. Naedoko, of course, doesn't want anyone getting the wrong idea, so tries to hit him. Tsubaki dodges, sending her falling. Her response when Tsubaki asks what that was for?
    Kanoko: (screaming at the top of her lungs in a crowded hallway) I was trying to shut you up! Don't say 'staying in a hotel together' in front of so many people!"
    Kanoko: (reactions of stunned disbelief in the hallway)Look! You made everybody misunderstand!
    Tsubaki: (completely deadpan)Nope, you dug your own grave.''
  • After the school council elections where the previous president and vice are re-elected, Sayuri is elected as treasurer, and Naedoko and Tsubaki are elected as secretaries, a photo is taken of the team. There is one person in the photo who has the most hilarious expression of disgust, especially in contrast to everyone else who has a neutral expression at worst.