Funny / The Sarah Jane Adventures

Season 1

  • From Invasion of the Bane, when Sarah Jane uses Mr. Smith to contact the villainous Mrs. Wormwood having just survived an attack by one of her Mooks:
    Sarah Jane: Thanks for the assassination attempt.
    Mrs Wormwood: My pleasure, the next one will involve harpoons.
    • The scene where Maria and Luke are escaping from the factory:
    Mrs Wormwood: Have you checked in [the ladies room]?
    Davey: No... that room is designated for females only. We are males... this culture says we must never go in.
    Mrs Wormwood: Oh, you idiot...
    • Mrs Wormwood's instructions to her underlings regarding Sarah Jane:
    Mrs Wormwood: And this time, kill her properly!
  • Clyde's naughty idea to get rid of the Slitheen in Revenge of the Slitheen, Part 2.
    Clyde: (gleeful) We bomb the school!?!
  • The Warriors of Kudlak: The utter boredom of the cashier at Combat 3000
    "Welcome to the unique gaming experience that is Combat 3000. Zap those drones."
  • In Warriors of Kudlak, Luke's still having trouble with slang:
    Luke: Last week, you said a "gaff" was where a dude lives!
    • As is Sarah:
    Sarah: I've heard a lot about this place, apparently it's "the nuts"!
    Maria: Okay, let's agree to never say that ever again.
  • Chrissie's reaction to seeing Alan chasing a Graske through the neighborhood in Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?
    Chrissie: Iím telling you, my ex-husband and a dwarf in a suit, now Iíve seen it all!

Season 2

  • In Secrets of the Stars, the newsreader describing a scene in the White House:
    "And we've just had that story confirmed: The President has walked out of the White House and is apparently holding hands with the wife of the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan."
    • And then the Fridge Humor when you imagine them waking up holding hands and the probable diplomatic incident this caused.
    • Also at the end when Luke checks to see if Clyde is still hypnotized. "Up. Down. Up. Down."
  • Luke and Clyde goofing off in Mark of the Berserker.
    Luke: Night, Clyde!
    Clyde: Night, Luke!
    Luke: (louder) Night, Clyde!
    Clyde: (louder) Night, Luke!
    Carla: One more word, and I swear I'm coming up there!
    Luke & Clyde: NIGHT, CARLA!
    • And just before:
    Luke: Night, Mrs.Langer.
    Carla: It's Carla, Luke.
    Luke: Night, Carla.
    Clyde: Night, Carla.
    Carla: Watch it...
  • The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith gives us a beautiful little lampshaded Genre Savvy moment from Rani. "Hello, yes, ethnic person in the '50s, hi!" [Proceeds with plot]
    • Better yet was the punchline after she's left...
      Mrs King: What was she wearing? Can that really be the fashion in the Punjab?
  • Enemy of the Bane, Kaagh suggests they name the "new galactic eon" "Wormwood and Kaagh".
    Mrs. Wormwood: If you really want the empire to sound like a firm of solicitors.
    • Also from the same episode:
    Mrs. Wormwood: The battle of the costume jewelry counter - how very female.
  • The scene in Enemy of the Bane where Mrs. Wormwood is sweet-talking Luke into coming to the dark side, saying things like "We can rule the universe together." At first Luke doesn't believe her, but gradually his face turns into an expression of wonder and awe. Mrs.Wormwood concludes her speech, giving him the last "you shall be a prince" bit and shows him the scroll. He takes it and looks into her eyes in amazement...and then runs like hell. With the scroll. Nice going, Mrs. Wormwood.

Season 3

  • In Prisoner of the Judoon, Part 1, a Judoon has requisitioned a police car and has stopped at traffic lights. A convertible with music blazing pulls up:
    Luke: Tybo.. what are you doing?
    (The Judoon draws a gun and points it at the man)
    Tybo: Attention.
    Man: (Turns and stares blankly at the bipedal rhino that came out of nowhere, wide-eyed in terror)
    Tybo: Noise exceeds permitted levels. Turn down.
    Man: (Shakes his head fearfully in a nod of understanding and turns down the music)
    Tybo: Have nice day. (drives off)
    Man: (sits at the traffic light in disbelief at what he just witnessed and dials his mobile phone)
    Man: (sounding terrified) ...Mum??
  • Clyde and Sarah Jane in The Mad Woman in the Attic:
    Clyde: Well, you are getting older. Your memory's going.
    Sarah Jane: Oh! Aren't you going to take an old lady's hand? I might fall if you don't.
    Clyde: It's alright. I've got my mobile, I can call an ambulance if you break your hip.
  • Sarah Jane nearly zapping herself with the lipstick laser at the start of "The Wedding of Sarah Jane".
    "I have to stop doing that..."
    • For a really poignant episode, it was full of funny bits.
      • Clyde and Rani chasing after an alien slug that sounds like it escaped from the planet Looney Tunes, all while trying to keep it out of sight from Sarah Jane's beau.
      • When K-9 first "meets" Peter. "Do not look at me. Everything is normal."
      • Peter and Luke baiting Sarah Jane by refusing to tell her what they were just talking about.
      • Sarah Jane and Luke pondering how they're going to tell Peter about the whole alien thing.
        "Oh, by the way, my lipstick? It's deadly."
      • The Doctor explains that the Trickster is "one of the Pantheon of Discord." Clyde notes that it's "a good name for a band". The Doctor agrees.
    • The invoked Mood Whiplash at the end of the episode, when the team is enquiring if they can get a look inside the TARDIS...
      Doctor: What, inside the TARDIS? My TARDIS? ...'Course you can, yeah.
  • The fact that, while it's a sad scene, when she's thinking of the Doctor, Sarah Jane thinks of a time when she was taking the piss out of him.
  • In The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith, just as the registrar reaches the Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace bit, the Doctor bursts in:
  • Earlier, Sarah Jane said that she didn't want the Doctor to give her away because there was no guarantee he'd be there. Fast-forward ten minutes after tempting fate and, lo and behold...
  • Sarah Jane wonders as to where she'd send the invitation - she, briefly, considers Metebelis Three. Given that planet is full of deadly, dangerous things, it's probably a good bet, truth be told.
  • Also, the fact that Clyde wore trainersnote  to the wedding with his suit-and either no one noticed, or, used to Clyde, they just didn't say anything!
  • Mona Lisa's Revenge:
    "You... art tart!"
    • Not to mention the sheer amount of ham from Suranne Jones. Pretty much every line is over-dramatic, and it's just so much fun to watch. "I am...the Mona Lisa."
  • "The Gift," after blowing up the Slitheen-Blathereen, all the members of Team Sarah Jane are standing around covered in orange slime.
    Mr. Smith: You don't say.

Season 4

  • In The Nightmare Man:
    Mr Smith: If I were to connect to K-9, I could boost his energy levels.
    Sarah Jane: Oh, what do you need, Mr Smith? I've stuff here from planets all over the universe! Mind control devices! Alien plants! You just tell me what you need!
    Mr Smith: ...I need a USB lead, Sarah Jane.
  • The fate of several of the Doctor's past companions being revealed in Death of the Doctor.
    • The Doctor has regenerated yet again in between reunions. Sarah Jane, for her part, just Lampshades it and goes with it - well, it is normal business for her by now:
    Sarah Jane: (giving him the once over) Oh, you've done it again!
    • Even better is Jo's reaction.
    Jo: That's the Doctor?!
    Sarah Jane: He can change his face.
    Jo: I know that. But into a baby?
    Doctor: Oi, imagine it from my point of view. Last time I saw you, Jo Grant, you were what, 21, 22? Looks like someone baked you...
    Jo: Oh!
  • There is Fridge Humor in the heartwarming epilogue to Death of the Doctor, when you realize that Cambridge has an actual knight from the Crusades in its science department.
  • In "Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith", when Ruby is defeated and her disembodied stomach is about to release the life energy she stole from Sarah Jane, Clyde knows from experience there will be slime coming:
    (Ruby's stomach starts shrinking as though someone poked a hole in it, and Sarah Jane's life energy comes back to her)
    Luke: Everything you've taken from my mum. She's getting it back.
    (The holographic projection outside of a meteor shower stops.)
    Sarah Jane: Thank you, Rani. Hello, Luke. Welcome home.
    Clyde: You aced it, Lukey-boy.
    (Clyde walks over to Ruby's deflated stomach)
    Clyde: (delighted) Oh, look. It didn't splurge!
    (The stomach gurgles)
    (Clyde's face is covered in pink goop)
    Clyde: (flatly) Okay... it did.

Season 5

  • Luke and Sky controlling the Serf hologram.
    Luke: You've been watching Toy Story again!
  • Sarah Jane's interview with Joseph Serf, a succession of thinly veiled accusations from Sarah Jane met with a barrage of thinly veiled threats from main villain Harrison.
  • The part where the Skullions, trying to make Joseph Serf smile, accidentally make him do a "sexy smile," meaning he essentially out of nowhere starts giving Sarah Jane bedroom eyes.
  • "GRAB HARRISON'S PEN FULL STOP." Clyde has never been so glad to see a full stop before.
  • Sarah Jane is captured by Harrison and vows to stop him. His response?
    Harrison: What are you going to do, hit me with your handbag?