Funny / The Running Man

The film:

  • "Hello, get me the Justice Department, Entertainment Division."
    • And later. "Get me the President's agent."
  • A great comeback if you've ever heard one.
    Richards: Killian! I'll be back!
    Killian: Only in a rerun.
  • After strangling Sub-Zero with barbed wire.
    What a pain in the neck.
    • After Ben cuts Buzzsaw in half with a chain saw.
    Amber: What happened to Buzzsaw?
    Ben: He had to split.
    • Arnie's got a lot of one liners in this movie.
  • Buzzsaw actually screams in a falsetto when Richards shoves the saw into his junk.
  • Due to the fact a great number of classic shows have been banned by the regime, there's a few nods to the generation gap between people who grew up with them and those who are oblivious.
    • Killian on the phone to a government bigwig, explaining how one of his Stalkers just got killed.
    "Well it was bound to happen some day. (pause to listen) Look, it's a contact sport! (pause) If you want to people in front of the televisions instead of rioting in the streets, you can't do it with reruns of Gilligan's Island. (pause) You know, Gilligan's Island? (Killian hums theme from Gilligans Island) Yeah, the one with the boat."
    Mic: "Mr. Spock, you have the comm."
    Tech: "Who's Mr. Spock?"
  • Hello, cutie pie. One of us is in DEEP trouble.
  • The advertisement for the Running Man at the end of the credits.
  • Richards signs his contract on the back of his court appointed attorney and stabs him in the back with the pen, pinning the contract to him.
    "Don't forget to send me a copy."
    • Even better is the reaction from Sven (the security chief) — who just kind of gives a "yep, saw that one coming" smirk.
  • "Where did you hide that?" "None of your business."
  • When Killian's lies are exposed to the public and he tries to cover them up, an old lady leaps up and shouts "Bullshit!". Killian looks absolutely stunned.
    • And the previous scene when the same Cool Old Lady picks Richards as the next one to make a kill. "That Richards is one mean motherfucker.
  • When Dynamo thinks he's about to die, he screams, "Cut to a commercial!"