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* The episode "Truth or Daring". Most of the funny comes from Todd's uncontrollable lying due to "[[ItMakesSenseInContext lie spice]]". Especially when he's calling Conrad as a desperate cry for help but keeps saying "No, I don't" all the while sounding desperate and tearing up.
** As for Riley (who in turn, got the "truth salt")-- after accidentally telling the truth about her father:
-->'''Dick''': ''(crying)'' I can't believe my own flesh and blood is running against me!
-->'''Riley''': I didn't mean to...! ''(covers her face in shame)'' And I'm adopted, duh. ''(covers her face again)''
-->'''Dick''': ''(continues crying)''
** It's worth noting that [[OpeningShoutOut this is the first time she mentioned that she was adopted]], meaning that despite the long run that neither Todd or Riley bring this up, they were aware of it all along.