!!Season 1
* When the Ghostbusters get pelted with high-velocity chocolate in "Ghosts 'R' Us"
-->'''Ray:''' Oww!!! eee!!
-->'''Peter:''' Aaaahh!!
-->'''Winston:''' whooaaa!! aaah!!!
-->'''Egon:''' ''ow. ow. ow. ow. ow. ow. ow. ow.''
* After Ray arrives to help out in "Mrs. Roger's Neighborhood":
-->'''Egon:''' The prime motivator is a demon named Watt.\\
'''Ray:''' [[WhosOnFirst Named what?]]\\
'''Egon:''' Watt.\\
'''Ray:''' I asked you first!\\
'''Peter:''' No, Watt is its name.\\
'''Ray:''' Don't ask me. Ask Egon.\\
'''Egon:''' This'll show you Watt.\\
'''Ray:''' Huh?\\
'''Egon:''' Nevermind. Let's just track it down.
* In "When Halloween Was Forever," Egon is separated from the others in order to implement a plan involving hooking his proton pack up to five spotlights in order to weaken Samhain enough for him to be trapped.
-->'''Egon:''' There. It should all be... ''(he pushes the power button on the pack, causing the spotlights to flicker for a second before the pack falters and stops from starting up properly)'' Sometimes I think the universe just waits for me to get cocky. ''(frantically rewires the pack)''
* Then there's the scene in "Citizen Ghost" where Egon & Peter were checking on the rebuilt containment unit. Of course the latter is slacking off, but Egon catches on.
-->'''Egon:''' [[Franchise/StarTrek Transwarp]] [[ShoutOut drive?]]\\
'''Peter:''' Check.\\
'''Egon:''' AH-HA! Caught you! We don't have a transwarp drive.\\
'''Peter:''' [[InsaneTrollLogic If we don't have one, then it can't malfunction. If it's not malfunctioning, then nothing's wrong. And if nothing's wrong, then it checks, right?]]\\
'''Egon:''' ({{beat}}) I'm not going to talk to you again for at least a week. It's not good for me.\\
'''Peter:''' Hey, don't make fun. This is how I got through college.
** After being cornered in the Firehouse by their {{Evil Counterpart}}s, the guys realize they can weaken them by forcing them to drain their ectoplasmic energy, but someone would have to draw their fire.
--->'''Ray:''' Whoever does that might not come back.\\
'''Winston:''' So, who's gonna be the one to do it? Who can we afford to lose?\\
'''Peter:''' Oh, Janine!\\
''(Janine picks up a lamp)''\\
'''Peter:''' Just kidding! Just kidding!
** How did Ray decide on a name for their new friend?
-->'''Ray:''' Just to annoy Peter, what's say we call you "Slimer"?
* This exchange between Slimer and the pilot in the episode "Take Two" when the pilot is annoyed by Slimer's flying:
-->'''Pilot:''' I've been flying for fifteen years. How long have you been flying?\\
''(Slimer mumbles and holds up three fingers, possibly for three years.)''\\
** The funniest thing being that the pilot didn't seem to be bothered that Slimer was a ghost and got him to sit still just by yelling at him!
** In the same episode, Peter gets in an offscreen fight with a fat director. How it went is anyone's guess.
--> (the Ghostbusters and Slimer leave a room)
--> '''Egon:''' I have to hand it to you, Peter. I've NEVER seen ANYONE do that to a man's pants before.
--> '''Peter:''' (face with bruises) Yeah, well, I still say you shoulda let me blast him.
* Peter's [[NotAMorningPerson walking-dead]] MorningRoutine in "Mr. Sandman, Dream Me A Dream":
-->'''Peter''': Unghcufl.\\
'''Winston''': What'd he say?\\
'''Egon''': Sounded like "coffee", possibly "cookie".\\
'''Peter''': Tpfff.\\
'''Ray''': Translation, Egon?\\
'''Egon''': Sounded like "get out of my face or eat flaming terror".
* The sarcastic Peter and stoic Egon have one of those great comedic rapports, always using just the right inflection to make you laugh at any exchange of theirs, such as in "Look Homeward, Ray," when Egon drags Peter away by the wrist while the latter and Winston were trying to talk Ray, currently suffering from a HeroicBSOD, out of [[AchillesInHisTent quitting]]:
-->'''Egon:''' We're wasting time -- let's go.\\
'''Peter:''' Don't let your emotions overwhelm ya', Egon...\\
'''Winston:''' Yeah, you didn't even try to talk Ray out of it!\\
'''Egon:''' [[DidYouThinkICantFeel Talk is useless in Ray's state of mind]] -- I've got a plan.\\
'''Peter:''' No electric shock, Egon.\\
'''Egon:''' ''(looks disappointed for a second)'' I've got another plan...
* And in "The Boogieman Cometh":
-->'''Peter:''' You want to tell us why you're so hot to take this case?\\
'''Egon:''' Let's just say, ItsPersonal.\\
'''Peter:''' Thanks, Egon, that explains a lot.
** And speaking of that episode, the guys set a trap for the Boogieman by renting an apartment and furnishing one room to look like a kid's bedroom. They just need one more thing to make it complete...
--->'''Egon:''' We need someone to sleep in this room tonight -- someone's whose thoughts, actions, and general state of mind are identical to, say, a six-year-old...
--->''beat as three of them look at...''\\
'''[[ManChild Ray:]]''' Uh... [[WhyAreYouLookingAtMeLikeThat is there something I can do for you guys?]]
*** And once forced into the role, he pesters Peter for a glass of water and then a bedtime story.
---->'''Peter:''' Once upon a time, there were four Ghostbusters who had a job to do, and they couldn't do it because one of them wouldn't go to sleep! The end! ''[slams door]''
** And then there's Winston's entirely sensible response after they see the Boogieman for the first time:
--->'''Egon''': We've got to go after him!\\
'''Winston''': No we don't. Show me where it says that!
* "X-Mas Marks The Spot". Peter and Winston trying their best to stand in for the Ghosts of Christmas Past and Present... borderline EpicFail. By the time Egon arrives as with the real ghosts, Ebenezer Scrooge's reaction to being told he will be visited by three ''more'' ghosts is "OhNoNotAgain".
--->'''Egon''': The first Ghost will visit you at 1:00. The second Ghost will visit you at 2:00. The third Ghost will visit you... ''whenever''.
** Janine's knee-jerk "humbug!" reaction to Christmas being mentioned. Egon calls it fascinating.
** Two random New Yorkers getting into an argument when they pretty much try to out-'humbug' the other. [[BrooklynRage Not really all that different from normal, really.]]

!!Season 2
* Peter's anguish in "Adventures in Slime and Space".
---> '''Peter:''' This is not fun! I've had fun! This isn't it! AAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHH!
** Just the mass chaos in the city once it gets slimed. It plays out like a comedy skit with all the slipping and sliding, not to mention the mess.
* Multiple moments in "Knock Knock"
* The climax of "No One Comes to Lupusville" for sheer wonderful absurdity.
--> (driving away and witnessing the vampires and werewolves turn into each other from their fighting)
-->'''Winston:''' Man, talk about democracy in action.
-->'''Peter:''' I'm hip. But guys, don't you want to stay around to see who wins?
-->'''Egon, Ray, and Winston:''' [[FlatNo NO]].
* Pretty much the entire last third of "The Hole in the Wall Gang" (and with that one, what do you expect from David Gerrold, the writer who [[http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0314775/ invented the Tribble]] for ''Series/StarTrekTheOriginalSeries''?)[[note]]Yes, we're really serious when we say this show had some ''great'' writers back in the day.[[/note]]
* In "The Devil to Pay", Winston unwittingly signs a contract with a LouisCypher character:
-->'''Winston''': ''(horrified, and in a CreepyMonotone)'' [[DealWithTheDevil I have sold my soul to the devil]]. [[MadnessMantra I have sold my soul to the devil]]. [[RuleOfThree I have sold my soul to the devil]].\\
'''Ray''': Actually, Winston, Dib is a minor demon, not the devil per se.\\
'''Winston''': I have sold my soul to a minor demon. I have sold my soul to a minor demon...
** The final contest in Dib's gameshow sees the Ghostbusters tied to a giant roulette wheel. The ball will crush one of them unless a specific Ghostbuster confesses a secret he didn't want the others to know.
--->'''Egon:''' In college, [[TheBGrade I once got an A- on a test]] and my parents wouldn't talk to me for a week.\\
'''Peter:''' Can you drop the ball on ''him''?!
** Peter's BaitAndSwitch is also hilarious:
--->'''Peter:''' All right, all right, you got me! Last week, Janine was taking a shower upstairs, and I... well...\\
'''Egon:''' You peeked?!\\
'''Peter:''' [[EveryoneHasStandards NO!]] ...but I did send Slimer up the water pipe and told him she had a donut in her shower cap.
** And finally[[note]]Winston's secret isn't listed because it's more of a heartwarming moment[[/note]], we have Ray's secret: "[[MotorMouth OkayIadmititSlimeratehalfacookieandgotslimeallovertheotherhalfandbyaccidentwithoutthinkingaboutitI]]... [[IAteWhat I ate it]].
* Egon's sheer irritation at being in the cartoon world in "Who're You Calling Two-Dimensional?"
-->'''Egon''': If they fall from that height, they'll be killed!\\
'''Dopey Dog''': We have only one chance, my friend. We have to move the lake!\\
'''Egon''': I beg your pardon?\\
(Ray, Winston, and Peter continue to fall)\\
'''Dopey Dog''': This is a cartoon, remember?\\
'''Egon''': You can't just pick up a lake and move it. It's illogical!\\
'''Egon''': This doesn't make sense and I don't believe any of it...\\
(they pick up and move the lake, and Ray, Winston, and Peter splash in it)\\
'''Winston''': Thanks, we're alive. Soaking wet, but alive.\\
'''Dopey Dog''': I can fix that, my friends. We'll stay here while you three walk out of frame.\\
''(they walk out of frame)''\\
'''Dopey Dog''': Now walk back into frame.\\
''(the guys walk back into frame, completely bone dry)''\\
'''Dopey Dog''': See? Works every time!\\
'''Egon''': That does it. I'm leaving.
* In "Ghost Busted," after a long lull of business, the Firehouse finally gets a call.
-->'''Peter:''' What? What was it?\\
'''Janine:''' Somebody wanting to sell us swampland in Florida.\\
''(everyone sighs)''\\
'''Peter:''' It was probably [[ConMan my dad]].
** The montage of the guys and Janine try to get mundane jobs - Peter causes an explosion at a chemical lab; Egon tries showing off a used car, only to accidentally rip off its shoddy door; Janine gets overworked at an office; Ray finds the zoo too much for him; and some angry truckers flip over Winston's cab because he honked his horn at them in a traffic jam.
* "Boo Dunnit"
** The Ghostbusters riffing on the quality of Agatha Grisly's writing after observing the ghosts of the characters in her unfinished novel speak awkward dialogue.
** Egon angers one of the ghosts by offering the glass of milk containing cyanide on the nightstand next to the murder victim's bed. The doctor snaps it away as the ghost prepares to drink it, informing him that the milk was poison. Enraged, the ghost accuses Egon of trying to kill him, with Egon desperately trying to convince the ghost that he didn't mean to give him the poisoned milk.
** When Agatha Grisly's ghost appears at the end of the episode, the reader of her will's only focused on how she's now wearing his coat.
** The episode ends with Ray, Egon, and Peter watching a mystery and trying to guess who the culprit is, with Winston tied up and gagged to keep him from spoiling it for them.
* In "Chicken, He Clucked," Cubbie (the creepy guy that really hates chickens) is spotted by Egon at the library with a book about the supernatural.
-->'''Librarian:''' Is he human?\\
'''Egon:''' Unfortunately, yes.
** After initiating an EnemyMine situation, Morganon explains his deal with Cubbie that wound up banishing chickens to the spirit world. As Morganon rants about his sheer embarrassment over this whole thing, Ray pantomimes to Winston that he's crazy.
--->'''Morganon:''' I need you, but don't push it!
** Peter wonders why Morganon is asking for their help.
--->'''Peter:''' What I don't understand is what do you need us for? I mean, you fulfilled your end of the deal, why the concern?
--->'''Fat Demon:''' (appears at door) Hey Morganon! Seen any CHICKENS lately? AH HAHAHAHAHA! Oh oh! Hey! The boss was looking for someone to handle a new deal, but he couldn't use you! The King of Rodania doesn't have feathers! But I just wanted to say! HAHAHAHAHAH! (leaves)
--->'''Morganon:''' ... Does THAT answer your question?
** After the deal is broken:
--->'''Morganon:''' Thanks, fellas. You may be a pain in the neck to my kind most of the time, but for now, I owe you one. See you around - well, uh, one of you anyway.\\
'''Peter:''' How come you guys always look at me when somebody says stuff like that?\\
'''Egon, Ray and Winston:''' No comment.
** Egon is working on a complicated equation in the lab.
--->'''Egon''': I'll solve this equation if it's the last thing I do.\\
''(Slimer comes into the lab to say hello, and slimes up the blackboard, ruining Egon's equation. He promptly panics, and thinking quickly, writes out a formula. Just in time, as Egon wanders back into view.)''\\
'''Slimer:''' *gasp* Egon!\\
'''Egon:''' Actually, that about solves it. Except you misplaced a decimal point.\\
'''Slimer:''' ''(hastily adds a decimal point)''\\
'''Egon:''' Not bad. Have you ever considered working for Creator/CarlSagan?
* "Drool, the Dog-Faced Goblin" has a meta-funny moment. The [=GBs=] have set themselves up in a boarding-house out in the Poconos. We see the outside of the building (at night), with a close-up on one window. There are strange gurgling and growling noises coming from within. We expect to see a horde of beasts terrorizing everyone within...but it's just Ray, [[Film/{{Spaceballs}} playing with his dolls]] (they look like an Alien and a Predator) and impersonating Creator/FrankWelker-voiced monsters.
** Peter goes to take a shower, but the shower head sprays tomato soup on him instead.
** The very first bit of dialogue is absolutely hilarious.
---> '''Winston:''' So, why are we here?\\
'''Peter:''' ''That'' was a mistake...\\
'''Egon:''' Well, we're here because billions of years ago there was a cataclysmic explosion which...\\
'''Winston:''' (*blows whistle*) Whoa, whoa, time out! I meant, ''what are we doing way out here in the Poconos?''\\
'''Egon:''' Oh. We're here because of (''indicates poster of Drool, the Dog-Faced Goblin'') ''that''.
* In "Cry Uncle," Janine warns Egon's uncle not to touch the Containment Unit, but, not believing in ghosts, he has no qualms about randomly pushing buttons on it, trying to figure out what this device really does... and, of course, ends up opening it. The hilarious part is the flat, deadpan, thoroughly bored tone in which Janine then says, "I really wish you hadn't done that, Dr. Spengler."
* In "The Collect Call of Cathulhu," after [[Franchise/CthulhuMythos you-know-who]] is summoned and the Ghostbusters find their proton beams useless against him.
-->'''Winston:''' Sometimes I really regret answering that ad you guys ran.\\
'''Peter:''' Egon, what do you got?\\
'''Egon:''' His power is completely off the scale. None of our equipment can even begin to stop him. We don't have a prayer.\\
'''Peter:''' You're such a pollyanna, Egon!
* The exorcist getting his comeuppance in "The Spirit of Aunt Lois"
** Also from "The Spirit of Aunt Lois", the boys need to hold a séance so the spirits will stop bothering Ray's Aunt Lois. They don't know how, and figure they simply need to chant ''something'' for it to work:
-->'''Egon:''' "The square root of the hypotenuse is equal to the length of the two opposite sides, a-mmm..."\\
'''Winston:''' "Hey, hey, ghosts, get out the way-ah!"\\
'''Peter and Ray:''' [both look at each other and start singing] "99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer..."
** '''Peter:''' At any rate, I need a nap. Wake me about Six.(walks upstairs.) SLIIIIIIIIIIIIMEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRR! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY BED?!
* In "The Cabinet of Calamari", we get this dialogue when Egon, Ray, and Winston try to find Peter, only to find a hypnotized Vanna.
-->'''Egon:''' (scans Vanna) There's no trace of ghostly possession. (waves hand in front of Vanna's face) Notice the vacant stare. The completely mindless look. That can only mean one thing.\\
'''Winston:''' She's from California?\\
'''Egon:''' No! She's been hypnotized!
* In "The Scaring of the Green," the guys get arrested after a job, thanks to a unwarranted proton blast.
-->'''Peter:''' How was I supposed to know it was the mayor's wife? All I saw was a quivering green blob.\\
'''Frump:''' I'll tell her you said that.\\
'''Peter:''' She was pale like a ghost.\\
'''Egon:''' Especially after you fired.\\
'''Ray:''' Good shot, though.
** Later, while trying to protect the chief from the bog-hound, the guys get into the St. Patrick's Day parade.
--->'''Egon:''' Excuse us. Official business.\\
'''Frump:''' Who do you think you are?!\\
'''Peter:''' Who do you think we are?\\
'''Frump:''' You four belong in jail!\\
'''Peter:''' We were in jail this morning. Some guys are never satisfied.
* In "The Long, Long, Long, Etc. Goodbye", the dialogue the 'Busters had when they were desperately trying to find the tomb to dump a chest of jewels into while being pursued by a giant ghost.
--> '''Winston:''' Where is it? Where is it?
--> '''Peter:''' I don't know! I don't know!
--> '''Ray:''' There it is! There it is!
* In "The Hole in the Wall Gang", Peter has a questionable standard of what's considered "all right" with Ray.
--> '''Peter:''' (Ray emerges from the rubble with white hair and a glazed look) Ray! Your hair's turned white!\\
'''Winston:''' Wow...\\
'''Egon:''' What an incredible manifestation! Ray? Ray, are you all right?\\
'''Ray:''' (in a high-pitched tone) I think but I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree! HYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-(normal voice) -AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!\\
'''Peter:''' Good, he's all right.
* Most of "Ain't NASA-sarily So", highlights being how Egon reminds the [[Franchise/StarTrek Star Fleet]] [[{{expy}} Expies]] of [[TheSpock an old science officer]] and Peter's 100% truthful quips about government contracts.
** The 'Busters are hired;
-->'''Peter''': Hot diggedy! A government contract. Big bucks, here we come.\\
'''Ray''': I don't know, Peter. I'm still concerned about how the equipment will function in zero gravity.\\
'''Egon''': Iíve trying some modifications on this extra equipment I brought, but they may not be totally effective.\\
'''Peter''': Don't worry. No company with a Government contract ever knows what it's doing.\\
'''Winston''': What if the stuff doesn't work?\\
'''Peter''': If it doesn't work, you just charge more and do it again.
** The 'Busters get their asses kicked;
-->'''Peter''': Calm down, little Ivan. We've just gotten started! Hey, we're government contractors, man. You've got to allow us a couple of muffed chances. It's in the fine print.
** The 'Busters are having a floating victory celebration;
-->'''Peter''': Government contracts! I love 'em! We've only just begun to tap the vast financial resources of our great nation!\\
'''Winston''': Yeah!\\
'''Peter''': There's no place to go but up!\\
''(ArtificialGravity comes back on) [[GravityIsAHarshMistress WHAM!]]''
** TheGovernment knows how to deal with truly incorrigible contractors. Keep in mind the 'Busters are ''in orbit'';
-->...tell them to deduct transportation expenses.
* After the ghosts of movie heroes help the Ghostbusters save the day in "Lights! Camera! Haunting!", Egon asks if they should bust the movie heroes in addition to the three ghosts that tried to kill them with their proton packs. Peter answers "We don't zap the good guys", and Egon reacts with a face of stunned disappointment.

!!Season 3
* In "The Grundel," a very tired Peter finds Slimer sleeping in his bed.
-->"No way am I that tired." ''(walks away, then stops)'' "Yes, I am."
** After Alec tampers with the proton packs at a school, what was intended as a simple light show winds up trashing the gym.
--->'''Peter:''' Anybody seen the principal?\\
'''Ray:''' No.\\
'''Peter:''' Good. And this concludes today's performance. Thank you all for coming! Good afternoon! And now we have to be going! Don't we, guys? Right! Bye!
** The way Janine makes Egon squirm after telling everyone else that she loves them. (Yes, even Peter.) After she finally tells him she loves him most of all, an appreciative Egon tries to act anything but, so Janine sics Slimer on him for good measure.
--->"Nobody messes with Melnitz."

!!Season 4

!!Season 5
* In "The Halloween Door", Peter and Slimer dress as each other for costumes, allowing Peter the chance to [[TakeThat slime]] Slimer.
-->"Yes! Five years I've waited to do that! Five long years!"
** After Peter's date leaves because of Slimer:
--->'''Peter:''' ''(angrily)'' Slimer, you're dead!\\
'''Slimer:''' [[LiteralistSnarking Good observation]], Peter.
** Crowley goes to the Ghostbusters for help in getting rid of Halloween, but they chase him off by telling Slimer he has candy... in his socks.
--->'''Peter:''' For the record, interpret this as a no!
* The guys changing Baby Egon's diaper in "Three Men and an Egon."
** From the climax of the same episode, Egon not even ''questioning'' why he was dangling from a clock face in nothing but a flannel speedo and socks, and in fact standing with his hands on his hips in front of all three of the other Ghostbusters and Slimer only questioning why they're asking him if he remembers the episode's events. (He doesn't.)
* In "Elementary, My Dear Winston," as the guys first confront Moriarty and his hound:
-->'''Ray:''' Let's fry that floater!\\
'''Peter:''' AndYourLittleDogToo! ''(cackles)''
** Franchise/SherlockHolmes playing his violin... badly - so much so that even Moriarty and the ghosts in the Containment Unit are quite visibly disturbed by it. Or it could be because he was playing the Ghostbusters theme.

!!Season 6
* Winston says what I'm sure a lot of fans of this cartoon felt at one point or another in "The Haunting of Heck House."
-->'''Winston''': And we agreed to come here without our proton packs?\\
'''Peter''': That's right.\\
'''Winston''': Sometimes I think between the four of us we don't have the brains God gave a doorknob.
** There's also the scene when Egon takes refuge in the library.
-->'''Egon:''' Feels safe somehow.\\
'''Peter:''' Yeah, you're probably okay, unless it heard about our first case. You know, the one in the New York Public Library? Where books started flying out of the bookcases -- hundreds and hundreds of little guided missiles? Well, we'll just hope they never saw [[{{Film/Ghostbusters 1984}} the movie made about all that.]] Toodles! ''(leaves)''\\
''(A book begins to slide out of the bookcase behind Egon all by itself)''\\
'''Egon:''' ''(DeathGlare)'' Don't. Even. Think about it!\\
''(The book zips back into place)''
** The framing device for the episode is that Peter Venkman is telling a story to a visiting class. The students' teacher warns them not to break anything...or let anything out.
* From "Janine, You've Changed," after Slimer returns from spying on Janine:
-->'''Egon:''' I take it you've all read Slimer's report.\\
'''Peter:''' Yeah, and the copy machine's never gonna be the same again. Yuck!
** During a ride in Ecto-1:
--->'''Peter:''' Say, Egon. Y'know, I just had a thought.\\
'''Egon:''' You had a thought?\\
'''Peter:''' Yes.\\
'''Egon:''' Have a cookie.\\
'''Peter:''' Why?\\
'''Egon:''' It's how they train seals, Peter. Unfortunately, I'm out of fish.
* Egon's observations of his co-workers, and Slimer, while on the flight to the USSR in "Russian About."

* The Mexican dub of "The Hole in the Wall Gang" features [[GagDub a Sneaky reference]] to those ''other'' Ghostbusters. A couple calls the Ghostbusters to their house and leave them there. When they come back, the Ghostbusters not only have destroyed their house, but tell them they will send the bill soon and leave. The couple then argues:
-->'''Husband:''' I told you [[WhoYouGonnaCall we should have called]] [[WesternAnimation/FilmationsGhostbusters Jake, Eddie and Tracy!]].\\
'''Wife:''' But... but those guy's ad said they were WesternAnimation/TheRealGhostbusters!
* The end credits show the Ghostbusters on parade with Slimer trying to join in, but Peter keeps trying to push him out of the way. At the end, Slimer gets stuck on Peter's leg and he tries to shake him out, causing him and the others to slip on the slime. Slimer flies away with the Ghostbusters chasing after him.