Funny / The Ramones

  • At 2:22 of "We're a Happy Family from Rocket To Russia Joey Ramone, in the act and tone of a deadbeat dad, declares with his New York-an accent: "Hey, where are my socks? [...] Ahnd wear is mah ' undarhwearrr? "
    • Heck, you could count that entire song as a Crowning Moment Of Funny for being ever-so darkly humorous. Just read the verse:
    Sitting here in Queens
    Eating refried beans
    We're in all the magazines
    Gulpin' down Thorazines.

    We ain't got no friends
    Our troubles never end
    • Also the random "What is this minimalism?!" at the end.
  • Their appearance on The Simpsons (season five's "Rosebud"note ). Despite only appearing for 30 seconds to sing a punk rendition of Happy Birthday to Mr. Burns, they were one of the best things in that episode.
    Mr. Burns: Have The Rolling Stones killed.
    Mr. Smithers: But, sir, those aren't the —
    Mr. Burns: Do as I say!
  • Dee Dee's rap album, Standing In The Spotlight, is hard to find and for good reason but it's a great piece of Narm thanks to Dee Dee's weak attempts at rapping. Even funnier was his speech in the End Of The Century documentary elaborating on why the album failed.
    • However, the song "The Crusher," about wanting to be a professional wrestler, was good enough to be revisited, with altered lyrics, on the Ramones' last album, Adios Amigos, and was performed at their final concert, which was documented on We're Outta Here!.
  • "Pinhead" from Leave Home and "Cretin Hop", from Rocket To Russia, probably one of the most ridiculous "cool" songs in existence.
  • "Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue" from Ramones: the asinine way Joey says: "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8", before the music comes rocking back and just jams like an idiot until the sudden end.