Funny: The Rachel Maddow Show

  • Says Rachel of what she will do to you if you "get lemon juice from anything other than a piece of fruit" while mixing a drink:
    Rachel: ...I will hide under your bed at night and grab your ankles when you wake up in the morning and terrify you forever. In my other life, I'm a goblin.
  • Her reaction to Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal's disastrous rebuttal to Barack Obama's 2009 State of the Union address:
    "Um. Ehh...ummm. Uh buh buh... [...] I know I'm paid to talk for a living. I am incapable of doing what I'm paid to do right now. I'm absolutely stunned."
  • Rachel is "accused" of being a Lesbian Vampire. Her response? "Oh no! They're onto me!"
  • Declaring "I'm old" after Ke$ha called her out for mispronouncing her name as "Keisha."
  • 11/14/13 : Rachel Maddow's impression of a pro-life group (who wanted to stop Romneycare) getting distracted. Fun starts at 10:30 into the video.
    Rachel: SQUIRREL!