* Funny/ThePunisherMax
* After Frank's run-in with Agent X and Outlaw, Frank is driving off, having stolen their clothes and left them naked in a phone booth. The "camera" pans to the stolen clothes in the back seat, then pans to Frank wearing Outlaw's hat and listening to country, with a completely serious look on his face, while driving towards his next target.
* He's basically a OneSceneWonder but his appearance in the Civil War was memorable: [[spoiler:He joins the Anti-Registration side and does some infiltration work for them, enters their base, sees two supervillains, shoots them dead on the spot, and is promptly told to leave.]]
* Frank is forced to partner up with Daredevil and Spider-Man for ''The Omega Effect'' mini-crossover event. The whole time, DD leaves him alone, but Spidey can't stop making jokes. They prepare an ambush, with Spidey leaving Frank to speak with DD and coming back:
-->'''Spider-Man''': Hey, honey. Miss me?\\
'''Punisher''': [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial I wasn't]] ''[[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial aiming]]'' [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial at you]].\\
'''Spider-Man''': Wait, did you just--\\
'''Punisher''': Incoming...
* A crossover comic has Frank and Wolverine team up to take out a South American haven for criminals. They're captured by a guy (who dresses up as Napoleon) who wants them to fight to the death, claiming that it's nothing they woouldn't do on their own seeing as ThePunisher thinks Wolverine is a limp-wristed liberal (Wolverine gives Frank an "Excuse ''me?!?''" look while [[JerkassHasAPoint Frank just looks smugly to the side]]), and Wolverine thinks Frank is a brainless hot-head ([[NotSoDifferent they switch expressions]]).
* Another crossover has Punisher team up with Wolverine to kill some criminal midgets. Yes... you read that correctly. At one point, Punisher blows off Wolverine's face with a shotgun, [[GroinAttack shoots him in the balls]], and parks a steamroller on him [[Film/WhoFramedRogerRabbit Judge Doom style]].
* Frank's biggest role in the CrisisCrossover event in ''ComicBook/JLAAvengers'' is to get ambushed and beaten badly by [[{{ComicBook/Batman}} the Batman]] for twenty minutes, off panel.
* How do you make Punisher LighterAndSofter? Just have him ramble on in Creator/FrankMiller's [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XoRGgpF2qc oh-so-easy-to-parody style of prose]] on ''WesternAnimation/TheSuperheroSquadShow''.
* During one of Punisher's many early team-ups with Spider-Man, Spidy gives him a web-sling of his own, leading to this exchange:
-->'''Spider-Man:''' Ever zipped across town on a handy-dandy web before, Punisher?\\
'''The Punisher:''' Not exactly wall-crawler-- But I think it's about time I got into the swing of things!\\
'''Spider-Man:''' Ouch! And you complain about my sense of humor!

!!Marvel Knights Series
* There are a lot in ''Welcome Back, Frank'' but the top one is probably when HilarityInZoos. Devoid of weapons Frank dispatches several mooks before finding a polar bear pen, coming up with the ''[[CrazyEnoughToWork brilliant]]'' idea of angering them to fight by ''punching'' one.
-->Cuddly. Lovable. Docile. (POW!) That won't do at all.
* "''Am I sure it was The Punisher?'' Is that supposed to be funny, Soap?!!" (said by a cop amidst the remains of a firefight between frank and a dozen now-dead goons)
* During one of his (many) rematches with [[TheBigGuy The Russian]], Frank finds himself interrupted by SpiderMan. Unable to fight the Russian toe-to-toe himself, he manages to hold Spidey up in front of him, using him as a shield as the Russian just ''wails'' on him. After the fight, as the confused and beaten Spidey regains consciousness...
-->'''Spider-Man''': Wha... what happen?
-->'''Frank''': We had a team-up. You were great.
** While fighting off the Russian mob from Joan's cottage in the wilderness, Frank accidentally shoots Joan's ducks.
--> '''Joan''': The ducks! The ducks!
--> '''Frank''': They had to go.
* Pretty much everything the Russian says:
--> (On first hearing of the Punisher) "''Is he like Mighty {{Comicbook/Thor}}? I am fan of mighty Thor. He has big hammer, he seems like good Communist''..."
--> (When offered ten million to kill the Punisher) "''Ooooh. The Russian could buy many pairs of Levis with that amount. Many compact disks''."
** The Russian's fight with Frank counts, too. Punching him as soon as soon as he opens the door, smacking Frank in the face with a ''toilet''... it's hilarious.
* What about Ma Gnucci leaping out of a burning building ''without arms or legs'' and trying to gnaw the Punisher's legs off? ''That'', friends, is [[TheDeterminator determination]].
* "I am putting ten million dollars on the head of the animal that did this to me." "You -- you want us to put a hit on the ''bear''?" "On the ''Punisher''." "Oh."


* ''Funny/ThePunisher2004''
* ''Funny/PunisherWarZone''

!!Video Game
* Soap attempting to find an apt description for the drug trade, settling for that Ulysses guy from Roman legend fighting a lion whose heads grew back. After his partner corrects him on all three (Hercules, Greek, a hydra), Soap claims it's still a valid metaphor. ''Frank'' steps in to correct him ("Analogy.").