Funny: The Punisher (2004)

  • When the Cold-Blooded Torture of Mickey Duka is revealed to be a farce to scare him into talking. Frank has the man upside from the ceiling as he lights up a blowtorch and describes in great detail what will happen to him as the superheated flame touches his body: he'll smell burning meat and won't feel pain, at first, but rather a terribly cold sensation as the nerves die. He then walks behind the mook, roasts a steak with the blowtorch and begins jabbing him in the back with a popsicle. And when he finishes, he puts the popsicle in Mickey's mouth.
    • The first thing he says once the torture's over?
    Mickey: You are not a nice person.
  • Howard Saint suspects Quentin of cheating with Howard's wife. (He's not). Quentin finds Howard shoving furniture around.
    Quentin: What are you doing here?
    Howard: Jim Bowie.
    Quentin: Excuse me?
    Howard: You know, Jim Bowie, the colonel... the man who died in The Alamo... had a knife named after him. He was a gambler. And when he was accused of cheating at cards, what he would do is take the guy in the other room, move the furniture like so... then he'd take his knife, he'd throw it in the ground... and the one that left... got the money.
    Quentin: Gee, I didn't know that, Howard.