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Funny: The Punisher


  • After Frank's run-in with Agent X and Outlaw, Frank is driving off, having stolen their clothes and left them naked in a phone booth. The "camera" pans to the stolen clothes in the back seat, then pans to Frank wearing Outlaw's hat and listening to country, with a completely serious look on his face, while driving towards his next target.
  • He's basically a One-Scene Wonder but his appearance in the Civil War was memorable: He joins the Anti-Registration side and does some infiltration work for them, enters their base, sees two supervillains, shoots them dead on the spot, and is promptly told to leave.
  • Frank is forced to partner up with Daredevil and Spider-Man for The Omega Effect mini-crossover event. The whole time, DD leaves him alone, but Spidey can't stop making jokes. They prepare an ambush, with Spidey leaving Frank to speak with DD and coming back:
    Spider-Man: Hey, honey. Miss me?
    Punisher: I wasn't aiming at you.
    Spider-Man: Wait, did you just—
    Punisher: Incoming...

Marvel Knights Series

  • There are a lot in Welcome Back, Frankm but the top one is probably The Punisher punching the polar bear.
  • During one of his (many) rematches with The Russian, Frank finds himself interrupted by Spider-Man. Unable to fight the Russian toe-to-toe himself, he manages to hold Spidey up in front of him, using him as a shield as the Russian just wails on him. After the fight, as the confused and beaten Spidey regains consciousness...
    Spider-Man: Wha... what happen?
    Frank: We had a team-up. You were great.
    • While fighting off the Russian mob from Joan's cottage in the wilderness, Frank accidentally shoots Joan's ducks.
    Joan: The ducks! The ducks!
    Frank: They had to go.
  • Pretty much everything the Russian says:
    (On first hearing of the Punisher) "Is he like Mighty Thor? I am fan of mighty Thor. He has big hammer, he seems like good Communist..."
    (When offered ten million to kill the Punisher) "Ooooh. The Russian could buy many pairs of Levis with that amount. Many compact disks."
    • The Russian's fight with Frank counts, too. Punching him as soon as soon as he opens the door, smacking Frank in the face with a toilet... it's hilarious.
  • What about Ma Gnucci leaping out of a burning building without arms or legs and trying to gnaw the Punisher's legs off? That, friends, is determination.
  • "I am putting ten million dollars on the head of the animal that did this to me." "You — you want us to put a hit on the bear?" "On the Punisher." "Oh."


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