* '''''[[CatchPhrase TRUDAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!]]'''''
* Just about every scene with Oscar and the talking baby.
* Almost all of Papi's insults towards Suga Mama, proving that subtitles can be fun.
* Just about every moment when Dijonay harasses Sticky.

[[AC:Season 1]]
* The "clean version" of Sir Paid-a-Lot in "[=EZ=] Jackster".
-->Yo, I'm a ''[bleep]'' dog ''[bleep]'' my name ''[bleep]'' uh huh ''[bleep]'' feel me! ''[bleep]''
* There’s one scene on “Forbidden Date”
-->'''Lacienega:''' A pie-eating contest? Perhaps?
-->'''Penny:''' You know what, Lacienega? If you say one more thing...
-->'''Carlos:''' That's okay, Penny. I'm bigger than that.
-->'''Lacienega:''' That you are.
-->''(Bebe and Cece use a slingshot to hurl ice cream at Lacienega’s eyes)''
-->''(laughter)(siren blaring)''
-->'''Penny:''' Well, I guess we've got to go.
* From "Love Thy Neighbor".
-->'''Lacienega:''' Nobody likes me anymore. It's these stupid feet!
-->'''Oscar:''' I'm sure they're not ''that'' bad.
-->''(Lacienega shows her extremely huge feet)''
-->'''Oscar:''' '''''WHOANOWHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOA NOW!!!!!!!!'''''
-->''(Lacienega starts bawling her eyes out, while Penny looks at Oscar in a "Not helping at all" way.)''
* In one episode, Trudy is surprised to see the twins outside of where they should be and asked Oscar where they came from.
-->'''Oscar''': You remember, Trudy. Last year at the hospital when you were yelling, "I ain't ever gonna have another baby again!"
* In "Hip-Hop Helicopter", Dijonay's cousin arrives at the school to pick up the girls and take them to the contest, and they're all surprised (and confused) to see that her cousin is actually rich.
-->'''Dijonay''': "She got the money, I got the looks!"
-->'''Michael''': "Yeah, looks like you ain't got no money!"

[[AC:Season 2]]
* In the Halloween episode, when Penny, (as a superhero) is at a party, Lacienega insults Penny, and Penny uses her ice breath to cause Lacienega to slip and fall.
* The CampingEpisode. The Proud and Boulavardez families go on a camping trip (along with Penny and Lacienaga's friends) and end up stranded in the wilderness after losing all of their supplies in a sudden flood. Oscar and Felix are sent to find help. HilarityEnsues.
* The episode with the house keeper, Renee, has all the bad house keepers who get rejected, but the following is a standout.
-->'''Oscar''': Your resume is very impressive.
-->'''Candidate''': Thank you. I just love kids, I love cooking, I love keeping a clean house and...[[BreadEggsMilkSquick I LOVE YOU!]] AHAHA! (''the family has a collective OhCrap look on their faces'') [[LaughingMad AHAHA!]] Don't you love me? AHAHA! (''head spins around'') Em evol uoy t'nod AHAHA! (''cuckoo clock sound-effect'')
-->'''Trudy''': NEXT!
* The HilariousOuttakes in "The Legend of Johnny Lovely".
-->'''Suga Mama:''' ''(getting blown away by the wind)'' AHHHHHHHH!!\\
''[[spoiler:(the camera pans to show Papi behind a gigantic fan)]]''\\
* There’s a lot of funny moments on the episode “It Takes a Thief”
** At the house.
--> '''Oscar:''' (looking at Suga Mama with camera) Sssh! I'm getting footage of the legendary Big Foot!
--> '''Suga Mama:''' I got your big foot right here! (She kicks Oscar)
** And another one at the house.
-->'''Trudy:''' Get up, Oscar. We have to take the twins to the zoo.
-->'''Oscar:''' Come on, Trudy. The twins don't want to go to Suga Mama's house!
-->'''Suga Mama:''' (attempts to punch Oscar)
-->'''Oscar:''' (Dodges Suga Mama)Ha ha, you missed!!
-->'''Suga Mama:''' (Punches Oscar)
-->'''Oscar:''' Owww!
** And here's one at the store.
-->'''Oscar:''' Just a little bit more.
-->'''Suga Mama:''' Hey, Oscar, get a shot of this.
-->'''Oscar:''' (Turns to look at Suga Mama with a half-shirt and short shorts, then screams, then camera len breaks)
-->'''Trudy:''' What's wrong, baby, did you break your camera?
-->'''Oscar:''' No, worse.
* Lacienega's grandfather hits on a [[SheCleansUpNicely skinny and attractive]] Suga Mama only for her to return to her former self after eating a piece of cake. He starts crying (the only time in the whole series he ever does) which Suga Mama confuses as TearsOfJoy.

[[AC:Season 3]]
* The entire episode of "She Drives Me Crazy", particularly this moment.
-->'''Oscar''': TRUDY! Tru-- (''Trudy throws a toilet plunger at his face'')\\
'''Trudy''': Do ''not'' call my name!\\
'''Oscar''': (''removes the plunger off his face'') What's wrong with you, Trudy? Whoa, did you know your eyes are glowing and your head is spinning around?\\
'''Trudy''': Your daughter and your mama are driving me crazy! When I'm not waiting on Penny hand and foot, I'm taking Suga Mama everywhere since she's unable to drive herself! Now, I have to take care of my daughter, ''([[StrongasTheyNeedtoBe picks Oscar up off the ground]])'' but I can't take care of mama too now! [[VoiceoftheLegion Oscar, you have to do something NOW!]]\\
'''Oscar''': Alright, alright! I'll take Suga Mama to the old folks' home!\\
'''Trudy''': Oscar, just take her to renew her license!\\
'''Oscar''': Why?\\
'''Trudy''': (''sternly'') Oscar!\\
'''Oscar''': Okay! Alright! I'll take her! I'll take her!\\
'''Trudy''': Oh, thank you, baby. I love you.\\
'''Oscar''': I love you too. Now could you please put me down?
** The way Trudy growls "Your daughter and your mama are driving me crazy!" is really funny; you can tell how [[SanitySlippage insane she's going]].
* The ending to one episode where Oscar sees the babies sending a tied-up Puff to the moon on a rocket.
-->'''Oscar:''' Houston, we have a problem.

* This:
-->'''Dr. Carver''': The peanut clones could care for the elderly, take care of our children and '''''TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!!''''' Oh...I mean, uh..."makeover the squirrels!"
* During Wizard Kelly's basketball game, the Wiz has Bobby sing the National Anthem. Bobby, as usual, overdoes the high notes and the whole stadium is extremely bored (Even ''Papi'' is fast asleep!). A few scenes later, we see Bobby is ''still'' singing the Anthem, with the crowd booing at him, so Wizard Kelly has security drag Bobby away before he even finishes!
-->'''Wizard Kelly''': That was Bobby Proud, y'all. Bobby Proud, y'all!\\
'''Crowd''': Boo! You stink, Bobby! Get on with it, Wizard!\\
'''Wizard Kelly''': Now let's play some basketball, y'all!\\
'''Crowd''': YAY!