Bill Cullen and Bob Barker were quite infamous for being {{Deadpan Snarker}}s, and Drew Carey is a comedian. Further, the original 1956-65 series aired live on the East Coast.

So naturally, ''Series/ThePriceIsRight'' has created a ton of Funny Moments.

[[folder:In General...]]
* On a handful of occasions, a contestant that has bid $1 higher than the person before them will have the next person bid $1 higher than ''them''. On one such occasion, Drew quipped "So how does it feel?" to the second bidder.
** Or when the opposite happens and a contestant who bid, say, $899 gets one-upped by another contestant bidding $900, only to find out their bid was on the nose, meaning they get a $500 bonus while the punk who pulled that cheap shot gets to wallow back to their seat.
* There have been times when it is revealed that someone made a perfect bid...just after [[ForegoneConclusion somebody else bid $1.]]
* Double Showcase Winners. Most contestants will bid conservatively, limiting how often these big wins come along... but when they do, the reaction on their faces is always spectacular.
* Sometimes invoked whenever a contestant plays a pricing game [[WhatAnIdiot very badly]] but still wins.
* Any time a pricing game is played for a trip to the place the contestant lives.
* Occasionally, a contestant whose name is called will head directly for the stage, bypassing contestant's row. This is always played for laughs. The Bob Barker section below has some memorable examples.
* The classic LosingHorns can give you a few giggles.
* Drew has complained about Cover-Up having pointless price numbers at the start because they're obviously wrong. So one day the producers trolled him with pictures of himself and from there on it has been a bunch of random things.
* Later into 2017, the producers started to use thematic naming in the Grocery game where all the groceries share one quality ("Sun", "Best", etc.)
* Drew's laugh. C'mon- you ''know'' it's contagious.

[[folder:Bill Cullen (1956-65)]]
* Circa 1959 (daytime): A promotion for the Barnum & Bailey Circus had an elephant brought onstage, who then proceeded to relieve itself of"[[UnusualEuphemism burden]]".
-->'''Bill:''' Tune in on Monday, when we give equal time to the Democratic Party!
* January 27, 1960 (nighttime): The first IUFB was a midget car. As Don Pardo described it, he began to break up laughing because model Toni Wallace couldn't get the thing started. She finally did after the description and cruised the car to stop in front of the contestants. Bill assured the contestants that the car they win "will have a motor".
* June 29, 1960 (nighttime): Contestant Kenneth Jones returned after a week off, following a "Honeymooners Special".
-->'''Bill:''' Did you see the show last week?\\
'''Kenneth:''' Yes, and I'm glad ilt was a special because I didn't get a damn-er, darn one right!\\
(''audience laughter'')\\
'''Bill:''' And you didn't start off well tonight, either!
** Jones won the first item, a dining room set, and got so excited he fell off his chair and the curtain, raised at the start to show the item, was lowered over him.
--->'''Bill:''' Normally when somebody wins a prize I say "Here is your price tag", tonight that's changed (''to Kenneth'') champion, here is your membership to the Blue Cross.
* October 5, 1960 (nighttime): Bill entreated all the Yankees fans on the staff to give him his moment of glory as his team, the Pittsburgh Pirates, defeated New York in Game 1 of the World Series, 6-4 (the Pirates would win the series in seven games). The first IUFB was an ensemble of costume dresses modeled by twelve girls, all of whom surrounded Bill after being described. Bill passed on some sage advice to males across the country:
-->'''Bill:''' When you bet on a team, it doesn't have to be for money.
** The first contestant, Paul Nordlund, saw the girls and this exchange took place:
--->'''Paul:''' Holy cow, my wife is watching!\\
'''Bill:''' Holy wife, my cow is watching!
* December 25, 1961 (nighttime): A blooper which remained dormant until resurfacing in August 2011 involved a bonus prize of an evening gown. As the model (Judy) turned around to show the low-cut back, everyone could see [[ a tear]] right at the "back" of the gown.
-->'''Bill:''' Judy, dear, your hair is lovely tonight, would you turn around again-let's see the back of your hair (''she does so'')-beautiful.\\
(''Judy looks down, noticing the tear, and covers it up with a shocked look on her face'')\\
'''Bill:''' To our wardrobe mistress here, I said "''low cut''", but don't overdo it! Judy, I'm sorry-don't catch cold!
** Bill then mentions that the contestant will have to have the gown repaired, and the show will send her to a seamstress they know...'''in Paris'''.
* November 26, 1962 (nighttime): The contestants were bidding on a dry heat sauna. Thomas Linge was the fourth contestant, and bid $1,300 on his first turn. Upon his second turn...
-->'''Thomas:''' (''to Bill'') Does that take weight off you?\\
'''Bill:''' Um, I don't know if it takes weight off ''me'',, yeah, it takes weight off you.\\
'''Thomas:''' I think I'll freeze.\\
(''audience laughter'')
** (On the original ''Price'', "freeze" meant the contestant wanted to stay at his/her current bid and was out of further play. The audience took Linge's comment as wordplay.)
* March 15, 1963 (nighttime): At the start of the show, Bill introduced the fourth contestant (Anthony Kochinski) and asked who he had in the audience to see him. His reply? "The original tranquilizer twins my mother-in-law and my wife!"
** Later, Zip the chimpanzee had the audience rolling as he demonstrated a pair of roller skates as an IUFB (it had a bonus attached to it) twice, Zip fell on his fanny.
--->'''Bill:''' He practiced all day doing that!
* July 26, 1963 (nighttime): One of the last NBC episodes had Bill starting right off describing a bonus a contestant had won the previous week (a role as an extra in a movie) and followed that by going straight to the first IUFB. Somewhere during the prize description, it dawned on Bill that he forgot to interview the contestants.
-->'''Bill:''' And everyone here in the theater knew it but me! The contestants knew it, the audience knew it...and now I'd like to introduce Hugh Downs who will come out and finish the show! [[note]](Bill's reference to Downs alluded to the ''Tonight Show'' incident where host Jack Paar stormed off the set after NBC censored one of his jokes. His announcer/sidekick, Downs - then also the host of ''Series/{{Concentration}}'' - took over for the rest of the night.)[[/note]]
* August 28, 1964 (nighttime): The third-to-last episode of the original nighttime series saw Bill plugging the then-current HomeGame (''Bid It Right: The Price Is Right Card Game''), only to discover that the returning champ didn't get her second copy the previous week.
-->'''Bill:''' This outfit gives away thousands of dollars worth of prizes and they are the chintziest bunch with this game! You know, I've been trying to get one for-let me see... (''opens up the box and looks inside, then closes it back up again'') ...I don't want it. Now, let me explain how the game is played first of all, someone comes in here and takes my place.

[[folder:Bob Barker (1972-2007)]]
* The ''first week of the revival'' (let alone the first episode) had several of these.
** September 4, 1972: Connie, the very first contestant to play a pricing game (that being Any Number), was loud and somewhat jumpy. Bob also had this little gem before the game:
--->'''Bob:''' How would you like to be driving around in that [[[TheAllegedCar Chevrolet Vega]]] in your [[OldShame fur]] [[KeepCirculatingTheTapes coat]]? ''Dragging'' your range behind you?!
*** During the Showcase Round, Connie was the Top Winner and told Bob ''to his face'' that "I don't trust you!" Presumably, she thought the Showcase was akin to the [[Series/LetsMakeADeal Big Deal]] (''Price'' and ''Let's Make A Deal'' were similar in some respects) and that she would lose her car and fur coat. Bob reassured her this was not the case. [[note]](This is also something of a FunnyAneurysmMoment, due to all the scandals that Bob got himself in during his tenure as host.)[[/note]]
*** Following the very first Showcase, which featured a trip to Acapulco:
---->'''Bob:''' And you can get there in your new car-\\
'''Connie:''' You can't drive to Acapulco, can you?!\\
'''Bob:''' Sure you can! Just go out to the Pacific Ocean and turn left!
** September 8, 1972: Boo Boo Cooper, the second person ever to play Grocery Game, didn't completely understand its rules. Bob more than makes up for it.
--->'''Boo Boo:''' (''points to soy sauce'') What is that?\\
'''Bob:''' (''over audience laughter'') This is soy sauce. Soy sauce.\\
'''Boo Boo:''' I never use this.\\
'''Bob:''' Trust me, it's great [[INeedAFreakingDrink on the rocks]].
*** Her performance there caused the rest of the show to be somewhat rushed. She managed to get to the Showcase, and showed that she wasn't paying attention to Johnny Olson's prize descriptions:
---->'''Boo Boo:''' Is that [trip to London] by plane, or boat?\\
'''Bob:''' By airplane.\\
'''Boo Boo:''' Is that just for me at one?\\
'''Bob:''' Is it for one or two? Two.\\
'''Boo Boo:''' Oh, good. Bring my boyfriend.\\
'''Bob:''' ..."Are the [six] clocks wound or unwound?" I know, I know...
* Any time a contestant who is called down accidentally runs ''past'' Contestant's Row and onto the stage.
** 1990s: An ''extremely''-excited contestant named Ruby Jean ran right up in this fashion as she embraced Barker.
--->'''Bob:''' Now, Ruby Jean? You wanna play a pricing game, don't you?\\
'''Ruby Jean:''' Yes! AAAIIIEEEHOOHOO!\\
'''Bob:''' And you wanna play it ''right now'', don't you?\\
'''Ruby Jean:''' Yes! Yes! YES! OHHH!\\
'''Bob:''' (''pointing to Contestant's Row'') Will you explain to them why you get to play and they don't?\\
'''Ruby Jean:''' I'm up ''here''. (''realizes her mistake, then shrieks in embarrassment before scampering for Contestant's Row'')
** A similar moment when a very old lady named Lily got called down and went up onstage next to Barker.
--->'''Bob:''' Now you want to play a pricing game?\\
'''Lily:''' I'd love to.\\
'''Bob:''' Now, how am I going to explain it to these people down here [in Contestant's Row]?\\
'''Lily:''' Well, they're young and they'll understand.\\
(''Bob laughs'')
** In the early 1980s, an old lady named Blanche:
--->'''Blanche:''' I've watched you since ''Series/TruthOrConsequences''!
--->'''Bob:''' You did?
--->'''Blanche:''' You know what, you still sleep with one leg off?
--->'''Bob:''' Now, wait, just a moment...
--->'''Blanche:''' You said that!
--->'''Bob:''' Now, you've watched me ever since ''Truth or Consequences'', and what did I say about my leg?
--->'''Blanche:''' You said you sleep with a leg off the bed!
--->'''Bob:''' That's... (''laughs'') I probably did say I sleep with one foot out from under the cover.
--->'''Blanche:''' Well, I don't know, but that's what you said!
* In general, pretty much every time the show did something weird for April Fool's Day:
** 1974: A NoBudget "Every Room In The House" Showcase with such "prizes" as paper plates and an eggbeater; the real Showcase was a Cadillac (or something similar). Apparently, the contestant who got this rare opportunity bid a mere $100 because "I didn't want to go over!"
** 1975: "[[ Your Showcase begins with a new dining room!]]"...and goes downhill '''very''' quickly. (Clips of it were used in [[ this promo]], which we had previously thought to be from 1977.)
** 1976: A "[[ Bicentennial Salute]]" Showcase (done sporadically during the 1975-76 period for obvious reasons) honoring Dr. John Barrett Clapinger (played by a very young Roger Dobkowitz), a famous American physician and author who had a wife ''and'' a mistress; the real Showcase was a Cadillac El Dorado.
** 1977: There was very clearly some sort of prank done, as there's a title card at the end of the previous video which assembles just enough to say "April 1, 1977".
** 1981: As Johnny Olson introduced Bob at the top of the show, Door #2 opened to reveal...a small stand with a white card reading "APRIL FOOL'S!" Bob was then shown making his very first audience entrance.
** 1983: [[ Exciting Decorating Ideas For Your Home]], where everything gets broken and "a one-of-a-kind classic reproduction of a 1964 Valiant" plows through a wall. The real Showcase was a pair of Chevrolet Camaros.
** 1987: [[ The most blatant example of a]] [[FanNickname Friggin' Random All-Trip Showcase]], with said trips being to places that don't actually exist. The real Showcase was a pair of Ford Thunderbirds.
** 1988: [[ A prank is played on Holly.]]
** 1999: A Showcase with '''[[ six cars.]]''' [[spoiler:Six ''toy'' cars, anyway. The real Showcase was three ''real'' Chevrolet Metros (which are small, but not ''that'' small).]]
** 2005: A Showcase where [[ Teri plays some pranks]]...and then one gets played on the contestant for about two seconds.
* Circa 1973, when it was still the New Price is Right: A contestant is about to play Clock Game and voices how she doesn't like the game and she wanted to play a new pricing game. Bob got "offended" and the rest is history.
* Circa 1974: A Range Game contestant named Saba pressed stop ''way'' too early and lost. Bob's interaction with him was classic. (it's not on Website/YouTube anymore.)
* Circa 1975: A lady playing Shell Game asks her mother for help.
* Circa 1976: Patricia Bernard is the next contestant to "Come on down", but there's one problem: she's just gone to the little girl's room, so her husband rushes out of the studio to get her. The item up for bid afterwards? A waterbed!
** Bob alluded to this incident in the April 4, 1988 episode, when contestant Rita Scott seemed to have disappeared under similar circumstances.
* 1976: [[ The Amana freezer incident.]]
* September 14, 1977: [[ This episode]] featured the debut of Secret X...and [[ with Yolanda Bowsley]], a contestant whose tube top also "came on down". Bob had no idea what was going on, so after he made his entrance, he saw the excessive amount of cheers and applause, got confused, misinterpreted it, and said things like "Whatever brought this, this is the way I want it from now on!" Bob would be informed of the incident after the first commercial break.
-->'''Bob:''' Wait a minute! ...I know you all truly love me, but you don't ''really'' love me this much, do you?\\
'''Johnny:''' Bob, they have given their ALL for you!
** Before the second-to-last One-Bid, the contestant called down almost had a similar incident. Of this, Bob said that she was "the best thing to happen to this show since Yolanda!"
** Years later, Bob would [[LampshadeHanging hang a lampshade]] on the whole thing by saying "She came on down and they came on out!"
* September 4, 1978 (aired June 30): The debut of Shower Game, and the contestant begins taking his shirt off before Bob stops him.
* February 27, 1980: A funny segment all around, but Squeeze Play [[ just isn't cooperating.]] And Bob insists on neatness.
** Right before this in the One Bid, Bob went on a rant about how he accidentally pulled out the price out the envelope out of his coat pocket.
--->'''Bob:''' Are you interested at all in my problems? (''camera shakes left and right as if to say "No."'')
* November 10, 1980: The first Grand Game win (long believed to be the debut, but actually the eighth playing) in which Pauline (a Samoan) chased Bob around the stage.
-->'''Bob:''' I would have let you grab me sooner, Pauline, but I didn't want to have you pay for my hospital bills.
** Pauline would go onto the Showcase, and gave Bob a bearhug when she won. Bob then signed off saying "Goodbye forever!!" Samoans in general seemed to love Bob [[{{Yandere}} just a little TOO much...!]]
* 1981: [[ A game of Cliff Hangers]] in which all sorts of things go awry--most notably, by the time the contestant reached the third small prize, a silverware set. Having already missed the first two items (a pair of women's shoes and a waffle iron) by a combined $24, the contestant guessed $61 as the silverware's MSRP. The mountain climber was shown falling off the cliff... but then the winning bells were heard; the silverware's price was revealed to be $62, just one dollar off, meaning that the mountain climber should have stopped on the very last step. This causes Bob to bring Roger Dobkowitz out from behind the prop to give an explanation.
-->'''Bob, to Dobkowitz:''' That's a ''stupid'' mountain climber, that's all I have to say!
* April 20, 1982: A contestant bid $1, thinking that her opponent had gone over; her opponent not only didn't overbid, but was a mere '''[[MomentOfAwesome $9]]''' off, winning both Showcases. This incident is a good example of why you shouldn't bid an intentionally-low amount in the Showcase (current Showcases begin at around $15,000), but to be fair there was little chance of her winning no matter what she bid.
* September 29, 1982: [[ Holly vs. an uncooperative Gibson refrigerator.]]
* 1983: Race Game is played for season tickets to sporting events for the L.A. Dodgers, Kings, Lakers, and Raiders. It just happened to be played by a female contestant and:
-->'''Bob:''' I always hope in this game when we have these tickets as prizes that we'll get a sports fan. She turned around to me and she said "What do the Kings do?"
* February 8, 1983: An entire episode where pretty much everybody was drunk.
* December 22, 1983: Toward the end of a Temptation playing, the concealer for the last number in the car's price was stuck partway. Bob tried pushing the button several times to no avail, then the contestant started hitting it herself; the concealer finally dropped upon her third or fourth hit, revealing that she had won.
* January 10, 1984: During the open, Johnny Olson called for [[ Susan Derbeck.]] She, expecting to hear her future last name of Dupont, didn't stand up for ''35'' seconds. After she finally came down, Johnny introduced Bob, but he wasn't there...and didn't appear for ''15'' seconds.
-->'''Bob:''' Welcome to ''The Price Is Right'' if it's good enough for you, Susan, it's good enough for me!
* February 8, 1984: Ethel.
-->'''Ethel:''' I had a dream about you so I had to come down here.\\
'''Bob:''' What were we doing in the dream?\\
'''Ethel:''' You were chasing me in the hayloft.
* December 1984: An [[ incident]] shortly after One Away debuted had Bob under the mistaken assumption that the "correct number" horns would be used after the contestant's second turn as well. Upon asking for the first horn, the standard bell sounded instead and the first number of the price was revealed; Bob, after asking if she had "one number right" (noting that the first number was ''already revealed''), hit the flat part right above the price i.e., the signal to move the price reveal another digit down. Bob continued to ask for horns, not noticing any of this, until the price had been fully exposed.
-->'''Bob:''' But... I wanted to ask for another ''horn''!
** Making this a little weirder is that none of Bob's shenanigans were necessary the game had been won immediately after the first number was revealed, as it was the only one left unchanged.
* Christmas 1984: In a game of Pick a Pair, the contestant didn't make a match on his first try. Bob then told everyone the correct match and started explaining that he knows because the cards hiding the prices stick far out front that you could look in from above and see the price, then he realized that the contestant still had a second chance! Needless to say, the contestant won.
* 1985: An older lady about to play Clock Game ''really'' [[ didn't want a computer.]] Needless to say, ''very'' HilariousInHindsight; the title of the video even namechecks ItWillNeverCatchOn.
-->'''Contestant:''' I can't even balance my checkbook, what the hell am I gonna do with a computer?\\
'''Bob:''' After you make a remark like that, what the hell are we gonna do with no computers on this show in the future?
* September 13, 1985: Bob asks a contestant to read the name of the new pricing game Bump. [[EpicFail She mispronounces it as "Blump"]].
* August 21, 1986: On the second nighttime special, the fourth number accidentally revealed itself during Lucky $even. As the contestant had been asked to give the ''third'' number, and the fifth was revealed at the outset, this resulted in a win. (The fact that the last number was revealed at the outset during an era of $10,000 cars, which in turn meant the player really only had to guess ''three'' numbers, [[ItsEasySoItSucks didn't help matters]].)
* October 6, 1986: The Shell Game cheating incident had several of these through Bob his reactions to the contestant (Deborah) and, later, playing up the rather anti-climatic reveal. Upon winning her first chip, she lifted one of the four shells (which didn't have the ball under it), and saw that the ball wasn't there. After Bob scolded her, she put her chip next to ''the shell she just looked under'', to which Bob said that she was sweet for doing it but added "that's ''dumb''" and had her place the chip elsewhere. After Deborah won the last two chips [[ForegoneVictory (and marked all the shells except the one she lifted)]], the audience applauded the upcoming win. ([[SarcasmMode "You know, I'm pretty sure she's won this!"]]).
-->'''Bob:''' You know, you've ruined my show. You've ruined my game. This [reveal] would be exciting, but everybody ''knows'' the [[PrecisionFStrike damn thing's]] not '''there!''' It's ''here'', you win!
* Late 1986: A [[ contestant]] playing Cliff Hangers misses the first two prizes by several dollars. After the second, the mountain climber accidentally moves up several fewer spaces than he was supposed to, before it is discovered that he should be on 24. Cue the contestant pricing the third prize ''exactly'', then asking Bob, "how the hell did I do that?!"
* 1987 (or thereabouts): Dian [[ makes]] a FreudianSlip.
* October 15, 1987: During Bob's first gray hair day, Punch-A-Bunch was played. "No stone goes unturned" as Janice updates Bob's hair on the $10,000 bill using a white crayon.
* February 26, 1988: After the sixth IUFB was shown, Bob noticed that one of the books was a copy of ''The Encyclopedia of TV Game Shows''. When he noticed that his picture wasn't on there...[[BerserkButton he ordered that book be thrown away]].
* June 30, 1988: Before the playing of Phone Home game, Dian and Holly reveal the $15,000 top prize scroll, but the text is facing the wrong way. Bob is noticeably embarrassed.
* September 15, 1988: Rod Roddy gets through a Showcase skit full of tongue-twisters [[MomentOfAwesome without slipping up once]]...then fluffs ''his own name'' at the end.
* Circa 90's: [[ One of those mannequins doesn't look right...]]
* 1991: The fourth contestant's shirt says "LEAVE ME ALONE"...[[ExactWords Bob does just that]].
** But when that contestant doesn't want Bob to leave her alone, Bob has a solution: "[[ShirtlessScene Take your shirt off!]]".
*** Followed by the contestant nonchalantly agreeing.
* June 3, 1992: A small lady named Fan grabs and hugs Bob so much before a Take Two playing.
-->'''Bob:''' I think I've been mugged.
* November 30, 1992: A younger contestant named Cherish [[ spins the Big Wheel]] ''backwards''. Bob quickly stops the wheel.
-->'''Bob:''' Have you ever seen ''anyone'' spin in reverse?\\
'''Cherish:''' I wanted to be different!\\
'''Bob:''' Well, you ''were'' different. Now be normal.
** She then proceeded to spin the right way...and [[MomentOfAwesome got the dollar]].
--->'''Bob:''' Do you know what she has done? I will be ''haunted'' with this for years to come people'll come, they'll say "I wanna spin it backwards, then I'll get a dollar!"
* January 22, 1993: Rod calls down two long names: Ebunoloron Sims and [[UpToEleven Sathyanarayanan Ganysamyrthy]].
* February 22, 1993: [[ Holly and the dancing dummy. That's all I'm saying.]]
* November 11, 1994: "Bob Barker saying, 'Goodbye, [[Series/TruthOrConsequences and hoping all your]]... prices are right!'"
* May 16, 1996: [[ A destructive contestant plays Split Decision]]. Highlights include Bob throwing the one digit after it falls off its marker.
-->'''Bob:''' You know? I'm lucky to have survived this myself!
* August 23, 1996: From the 25th Anniversary primetime special, [[ just after they show the clip of the contestant that bid $9,000 on a pair of surfboards]], a contestant bids '''$12,000''' on a Honda Rebel 250 motorcycle.[[note]](For those unaware, this is a cruiser-style motorcycle with an engine displacement of about 250 cc's.)[[/note]]
-->'''Bob:''' Anybody got a surfboard?
* January 20, 1998: A contestant [[ playing Clock Game]] gave several slow, random guesses and, with about 15 seconds left, backed her way into the right answer of $749. Bob was stunned and sat down for a few seconds to "regain [his] composure".
-->'''Bob:''' I hope you realize...that we are in the presence of a miracle!
* February 11, 1999: Brian makes [[ his first Clock Game bid]] on a dinnerware set $89, then $105. Bob soon caught on and reprimanded him for bidding so low on dinnerware. "You couldn't buy those ''saucers'' for $89!" Brian proceeded to bid $45, then claimed he said $485 when Bob asked for clarification. The game continued until Brian made a bid that sounded like "eight or nine hundred". Bob's stunned silence right before time runs out is priceless.
-->'''Bob:''' Brian, what kind of a show do you think this is?
* February 24, 2000: You remember the yodeling song that plays during the game "Cliff Hangers", right? Well, it turns out, it's an actual song, and the contestant playing it that day, a man named Walter, is an actual yodeler! Instead of the tape playing the song, as usual, Walter yodels the song ''[[ himself!]]''
** '''Add to that:''' [[spoiler:After he wound up losing, he intentionally fell down quickly just as the mountain climber dropped from the cliff.]]
* November 1, 2000: The easiest playing of Ten Chances '''[[ ever.]]''' (Oh, and a few minutes later? ''[[spoiler:Automatically qualifies for the Showcase.]]'')
-->'''Bob:''' This young man has [[spoiler:won a car, an oven, a shredder, and he's in the Showcase...and he has done '''nothing!''']]
** The logical inverse was [[ this]] playing on May 1, 2006, mostly because the contestant was a BrainlessBeauty who staggered through every chance she was given. At the end, when [[spoiler:she wins]], Bob sits down in shock and starts talking away from his mic.
--->''[[spoiler:[[AC:Bob's inner monologue: "I can't believe this stupid bitch won a $20,000 car."]]]]''
* The hilarious [[NoIndoorVoice enthusiasm]] of a [[ young man]] by the name of Creator/AaronPaul.
* Any time the retired pricing game Penny Ante "helps" a contestant by having a card flip when it's not supposed to. A humorous example of BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor happened on January 14, 2002, after the contestant gave his first guess on the second item.
-->'''Bob:''' We want a "Yes"!\\
(''Bob hits the button with the contestant's guess on it, said price opens with a "No" accompanied by a buzzer, but the price next to it hiding "Yes" opens as well'')\\
'''Bob:''' [[ExactWords Well, we got a "Yes"]]! (''laughs'')
* January 21, 2002: A contestant gets one-upped for both of the first two one-bids and looks visibly pissed off. Bob says this to the offender.
-->'''Bob:''' [[StopHavingFunGuys You keep that up and she's going to slug you.]]
* June 6, 2002: The big reveal in Flip Flop was averted by a stuck price cover. Although the price was revealed enough that the outcome was known, Bob and the contestant ended up [[ ripping the cover in half]], shaking the game board considerably in the process. Needless to say, it got repaired.
* October 2, 2003: Bob spins the Big Wheel for a wheelchair-bound contestant...and [[ fails to get it all the way around.]] His response? "This is the most humiliating moment of my life." And then Bob hands the microphone to the contestant and ''spins the wheel with both hands''.
* November 10, 2004: During the Showcase Showdown, Michael decides to propose to his girlfriend Rosie. As he's doing this, [[Awesome/ThePriceIsRight he gets the dollar from his spin]], and he celebrates by balancing his ring on his nose.
-->'''Bob:''' [[RealityIsUnrealistic If we did this in a movie, people would]] ''[[RealityIsUnrealistic scoff!]]''
* April 4, 2005: [[ The Flip Flop cheater and Bob's reaction to him]].
-->'''Bob:''' [[ScrewThisImOuttaHere I'm going home.]]
* October 4, 2006: In one playing of Take Two [[note]](two chances to pick two of four prizes that add up to a target price)[[/note]] with a low target price, the contestant's [[ first chance]] involved two prizes that were ''individually'' well above the target price. Needless to say, she had no problem during her second chance, and Bob made the most out of this.
* On one known occasion, a contestant in Contestant's Row made a normal bid, followed by each successive contestant bidding '''$25''' higher. Bob was disappointed to find out that all four contestants overbid.

[[folder:Drew Carey (2007-Present)]]
* Drew Carey himself whenever he is jumping up and down with a excited contestant. It's hard to tell if he is making fun of the jumper or not, but him jumping with the contestant is always funny.
* Sometimes, a contestant in either Contestant's Row or the Showcase will [[DamnYouMuscleMemory accidentally address their bid to]] ''Bob'' rather than Drew (though that's dropped off since its been a few years since Barker retired).
* The greatest come-on-down in the show's history, according to Drew, was during the college episode where one guy ''[[ crowd-surfed]]'' from the back of the audience to Contestants' Row.
* March 19, 2008: [[ A contestant in Contestant's Row bids $69,]] causing Drew into laugh uncontrollably. (The contestant's last name? ''Bummer.'')
* April 1, 2008: "[[ This Showcase is designed to make your life much easier!]]" ''Way'' too much {{Technobabble}} with two prizes nobody's ever heard of, plus a trip to [[MeaningfulName Boguslovania]]. [[spoiler:April Fool's! The real Showcase was a Corvette convertible.]]
* October 13, 2008: Drew has his own problems with [[ Flip Flop.]]
* October 14, 2008 (aired October 7): Rich Fields [[HeliumSpeech inhaled helium]] as part of a Showcase skit, then inhaled it ''again'' for his sign-off. Part of it was [[ seen and discussed]] on ''Series/TheLateLateShow With Creator/CraigFerguson''.
-->'''Craig:''' That's why you do well in this country. That's a great show. You got a hot-looking girl, a couple of great motorcycles, and a guy inhaling helium. ''There's no more entertainment possible!''
* 2009-13: April Fool's Day got much weirder following the departure of Roger Dobkowitz. See [[Awesome/ThePriceIsRight the Moment Of Awesome page]] for more.
** April 1, 2009: Special mention should be made to the Cliff Hangers music playing during one contestant's Showcase Showdown spin...and said music slowing down as the Big Wheel did.
* April 20, 2009: [[ This Spin-Off.]] First spinner gets the dime, the second gets the '''nickel'''. (Bonus points for the winner looking an awful lot like SantaClaus.)
** It happens again on October 4, 2013...and AGAIN on February 6, 2014.
* September 23, 2009: A contestant playing [[ One Away]] claimed that she had practiced the game beforehand, then went on to do...Bob Barker's "Ladies, do I have at least one number right?" routine a routine that had been ousted in favor of "Oh, mighty Sound Effects Lady" when Drew became host ''two years earlier''.
* January 13, 2011: One IUFB was [[ an automatic pancake maker]], to which Drew asked "Where were you when I was ''fat''?!"
* March 4, 2011: [[ More Cliff Hangers wackiness]] when the stagehand is ''just a bit'' late in stopping the mountain climber...
* April 1, 2011: Another AprilFoolsDay episode where things appear to go completely OffTheRails...
** Drew constantly hypes that a "10,000th" something is about to happen, yet there is no explanation of what it is.
** The boom mic randomly appears in the shots
** Right off the bat with the first IUFB:
--->'''George:''' It's a new plasma TV and a new Xbox system!\\
''(Models flourish and knock the TV over, smashing it)''\\
'''George:''' know what, [[VerbalBackspace a new Xbox system]]!\\
'''Drew:''' ~_~[[hottip:':Yeah, it's all a work, but the look on Drew's face screams, "Oh's gonna be one of ''those'' tapings..."]]
** Gwendolyn coming around on the turntable to the sound of harsh metallic grinding and smoke billowing out (and the turntable doesn't rotate properly)
** George helps plug an unusually accessorized steam shower...and then ''the steam shower soaks him''. And the contestant joins him.
** The Double Prices display is full of garbage!
** During the ticket plug at the end of the first Showcase Showdown, Drew gives overdetailed instructions on how to visit the show's website, right down to turning on your computer and launching your web browser. During the closed captioning plug right afterward, Drew is ''[[OverlyLongGag still explaining it]]'' as the stage crew sets up the next game behind him.
** The Contestants' Row displays randomly glitching out, forcing Scott to come out and show off the prices by hand
** George is in the bag representing the "prize" in Balance Game
*** ...and gets pelted with tennis balls in the following IUFB, putting on a ThousandYardStare after the whole thing falls apart
** The screen at the back of the audience also goes haywire.
** An IUFB comes down from the ceiling...and ''stays'' down
** Rachel plows a car THROUGH door #3
--->'''Rachel:''' OhNoNotAgain
** Drew remarks that nothing went wrong since that during the second Showcase Showdown. Cue a spotlight dropping out of the rafters, the stage going (mostly) dark, and a TPIR themed test pattern within moments of that happening.
* April 3, 2012: One of the small prizes used for Five Price Tags is introduced as a "[[TemptingFate non-stick]] waffle maker". When it is opened to show the waffles inside, [[ a waffle sticks to the top]].
-->'''George Gray:''' (''mockingly angry'') I said, "Non-STICK!"\\
'''Drew Carey:''' Non-stick waffles, everybody! ''*waving the model and the waffle-maker away*'' [[YouDidntSeeThat You never saw that.]]
* May 11, 2012 (Mother's Day show): Edited out of the actual show, but when special guest [[Series/TheBradyBunch Florence Henderson]] and her "eye candy" model Johannes drove out the car for Lucky $even, [[ Johannes accidentally steers the car into the frame of Door #3.]]
-->'''George:''' ...a ''used'' SUV!
* May 29, 2012: A contestant, Novel, bids on the tugboat, which is sometimes used to bring out the items up for bid, thinking that the tugboat itself is the item up for bid.
* "[[ My name is Kenny. I've been making wrong decisions my whole life.]]"
** [[spoiler: '''"WHO WON WHAT!? WHO WON WHAT?! ''WHO WON WHAT!?!'' HOLD UP!!"''']]
* April 1, 2013: An amusing GenderSwap edition for April Fools' Day. The models take over hosting and announcing duties, leaving Drew and George to model the prizes -- which leads to instant hilarity when the very first item up for bid is a set of designer accessories.
* May 15, 2013: During the Showcase Showdown, a contestant gives a bit too much oomph in her spin and she falls down against the prop set, pushing the entire thing back a few inches.
* June 4, 2013: The game Cover Up has the wrong numbers for the price of the car [[ replaced by pictures of Drew's face]], causing him to laugh uncontrollably at the fact that the producers [[CallBack took up his suggestion from several episodes earlier]] of not bothering showing the contestant the wrong numbers [[SureLetsGoWithThat since it had no bearing on the game.]] It has since become a RunningGag with a different set on each playing (including punctuation symbols, elements from the periodic table, the word "car" in five different languages, [[ThemeTuneCameo notes from the theme song]], etc)
* December 23, 2013: The five grocery items for the Grocery Game are a bag of Funnyuns, Birds' Eye vegetables, microwavable cordon bleu chicken, a stick of Dove deodorant, and canned pear halves in syrup. It took Drew a moment to get it, but he found the reference hilarious: days 1 through 5 of the Twelve Days of Christmas.
* January 8, 2014: After winning Most [=Expen$ive=], contestant Kalyn trips over the "Most Expen$ive" rug, tackles George (who is holding one of the price tags), and knocks him into a pair of television sets. Ouch.
* November 11, 2014: A contestant comes on who looks a lot like how Drew looked before his weight loss, and even refers to himself on his shirt as "Old Drew". Cue before and after pictures of the real "Old Drew" and "New Drew" in the corner of the screen.
* January 15, 2015: One of the prizes in Most [=Expen$ive=] is a treadmill. George runs on the treadmill backwards while reading the copy, and [[ promptly falls off]], then [[ConsummateProfessional continues reading the prize copy as if nothing happened]].
-->'''George:''' Didn't miss a word!
* March 3rd, 2015: Drew's brain fart while playing Squeeze Play[[note]](The price is revealed when Drew manually presses a button on the side of the game...and for some reason, Drew thought it was automated)[[/note]]:
-->'''Drew:''' Give it to her!\\
''(focus on the display)''\\
''(nothing happens)''\\
''(crowd and the contestant starts laughing)''\\
'''Drew:''' ''(hunched over, laughing to himself)''
* March 11th, 2015: George's birthday; Manuela the model smears cake on George's face, right at the end of his Showcase spiel. As with the treadmill incident above, George is surprised, but not stopped.
--> '''Drew:''' *Laughing* Happy birthday, George! Happy birthday!
* April 2nd, 2015: A contestant playing 5 Price Tags is in the running to win a car but gets it wrong on her first go. The same Manuela, after removing the incorrect tag from the list, proceeds to remove the ''correct'' price tag as well. The contestant ended up winning and [[ poor Manuela hides behind the stand]].
** In an example of hilarious cross-game show BrickJoke, ''Series/{{Jeopardy}}'' used this as their clue to guess the name of the show for their 2017 Tournament Of Champions in the final rounds in November, proving that within the game show circuit, she may NeverLiveItDown.
* May 25, 2015: A Canadian contestant (specifically Tyran Ault, a city councilor from Fort [=McMurray=], Alberta) is wearing a shirt proclaiming him to be the "1987 Canadian Plinko Champion", leading Drew to note that not many people get to actually play the games that their shirts allude to (he ended up playing, and losing Cover Up instead. Though he did make it to and win the Showcase too). One commercial break later, and '''the very next game is Plinko.''' Cue a reaction shot of Ault and Drew remarking that he should have waited just a ''bit'' longer.
* October 30, 2015: Halloween Eve takes the "Pat" gag from a past April Fool's episode to a whole new level by having everyone dressed up like and referred to as Drew Carey.
* September 22, 2016: A player confirms their guess on Vend-O-Price by pulling on a lever, which [[SpecialEffectsFailure falls off the board]]. Drew remarks that they don't make their games like they used to.
* October 29, 2016: [[ At the beginning of that night's edition]] of ''Series/TheLateShowWithStephenColbert'', we see Drew in his office, watching the Yodely Guy in Cliff Hangers go over the edge yet again- only for the Guy himself (Colbert in a costume) to bust in and confront him over constantly being, well, sent off a cliff. They promptly fight- Yodely guy with his pickaxe, Carey with his microphone- while [[SoundtrackDissonance the TPIR theme plays]], only to [[LettingTheAirOutOfTheBand quickly stop]] when Carey tries to convince him to stop, reminding him of their friendship- which Yodely Guy thinks is worth $48. It's $67, and Yodely Guy is sent over the cliff once more, with him screaming "I'll get you for this, Carey! You sick bastard! I'll see you in hell!"
* November 23, 2016: For Thanksgiving and the show featuring celebrity chefs to present prizes that week, Cliff Hangers has the climber wearing a chef outfit. However, when he goes over the edge on a loss, he gets stuck at the top of the board instead because [[SpecialEffectsFailure the hat made him too tall]] -- prompting Drew to just knock him off manually instead. What led to this, however, is [[WhatAnIdiot/ThePriceIsRight best left for a different page]].
* December 20, 2016: Second episode of the Holiday Week. Starting with the call down of Santa [=Spotofora=] before the second IUFB starts a bit of humor on her [[SantaClaus name]] -- and the bad luck of getting people to bid one dollar more than her until the fifth IUFB where she finally get up to the stage by going one dollar more than another bidder -- and wins '''Make Your Move'''.
* January 24, 2017: For the first time, the Price is Right Train [[ derails]], shattering the prizes (a bundle of coffee stuff) in the process.
-->'''Contestant Shawn:''' $805!
-->''(a loud CRASH is heard while the camera's focused on Contestants' Row; the cameras cut quickly to the coffee carnage)''
--> '''Contestant Shawn:''' ...One dollar.
--> '''Drew:''' How much for a new one, Erika? No discounts. I need the actual retail price of a new one.
** Drew complements the stagehands' quick cleanup before delivering this:
--> '''Drew:''' Well... won't be seeing the ''Price is Right'' Train for a while! Nothing to see here, folks.
* During the first Showcase Showdown of that year's Celebrity Week, a contestant goes over to high-five Creator/JackBlack after spinning a 95. Unfortunately, he winds up missing Jack's hand and accidentally slaps him in the face, resulting in Jack over-dramatically falling out on the floor. The clip is even played again right before the commercial break.
* March 3, 2017: During a One Bid, a sound from Hot Seat plays by accident instead of the standard ding, leading to this response:
-->'''Drew:''' That doesn't mean anything. Somebody in the back just hit a button, or fell asleep, or didn't take their meds.
-->'''George:''' [[BreadEggsBreadedEggs Could be all three!]]
* May 8, 2017: Drew [[UsefulNotes/AcademyAwardsCeremonies declares]] that the actual retail price is ''Film/LaLaLand''. Right afterward, the prize of a trip to the Dominican Republic for Bonkers has a model posing with a cardboard cut-out of James, leading Drew to joke that he had always been CGI.
* September 29, 2017: Drew comically scalds a contestant who had, in Switcheroo, guessed that a rice cooker cost $19. When the player decides to forego his second chance because he had three right, Drew continues to insist that [[TemptingFate the rice cooker probably isn't worth $19.]] [[spoiler:It '''was!''' Oh, and he won the car too!]]
* October 10, 2017: When playing Check Game, Drew finds it quite hard to get the voided check off the board to give to the contestant (as the game's traditional ConsolationPrize), and ends up tearing it to shreds. Turns out that the check on the board ''wasn't actually meant to come off''; this particular check was meant to stay on the board, and be revealed when the check used for the game is taken off. Right before the second Showcase Showdown, a proper prop check (still voided, of course) was printed off and is presented to the contestant.
* October 27, 2017: The contestant playing Line 'em Up has a rather infectious personality. He ends up winning the car ([[DoWellButNotPerfect the fact that he had 0 right on the first attempt helped too]], although Drew had to help him understand how the board worked), and somehow his celebration is so amusing to Drew that he [[{{Corpsing}} corpses]] his spiel going into the commercial break.
** A few minutes later, when an item up for bids is a DJ package, Drew refers to all the contestants as "DJ x"
* October 31, 2017: The show celebrates Halloween with a superhero-themed episode where the crew must defeat the evil ... ''[[LosingHorns Doctor Trombones.]]''
* January 29, 2018: Among the first contestants called up, their last names are [[AwesomeMcCoolname "Rambo", "Sledge", and "Armbruiser".]] [[AerithAndBob And "Brett."]]
** [[JokeCharacter Rambo also bids the juvenile "69" and predictably bombs that round of One Bid.]] He later wins his way onstage and [[LethalJokeCharacter is the only person that day to win something out of a pricing game, $11,000]] on two of three chips of Plinko (one fell in the $0 slot) and does a ton of stage parkour that gets Drew doubling over in laughter. This is then followed by another contestant getting the second Double Showcase win in a row since the previous show (26th)!
** Another contestant is named "George Brown". No guesses on who [[NamesTheSame George]] Gray is rooting for!
* February 19, 2018: It's Big Money Week and Drew cracks a remark so stupid about a contestant's custom T-shirt that he can't stop laughing.
-->''(Sharon's shirt reads, "ALL THIS CAN BE YOURS IF YOU PICK ME TO COME ON DOWN!")''
-->'''Drew:''' Usually, the shirts say, "All this can be yours if the Price is Right." Sharon didn't want to lower herself. Sharon has standards. ''(collapses into laughter)''
* February 26, 2018: The contestant's energetic reaction to getting a Double Showcase Win leaves Drew {{Corpsing}} his way through his usual sign-off spiel.
* March 2, 2018: The introduction for Punch-a-Bunch is botched when there's no model holding the $25,000 check prop. Drew wonders where the model who normally holds it is; eventually, Amber dashes over in embarrassment as Drew cracks up.
* April, 16, 2018: It's a Monday show, and it shows. Drew has another brain fart and completely forgets that the game being played is called "Magic #" even though the name of the game is ''[[EpicFail on the machine right next to him]]''. He bursts into unstoppable laughter upon realizing how stupid that was.
* June 7, 2018: Drew gets thrown for a loop during his explanation of the Sound Effects Lady in "One Away":
-->'''Drew:''' You've got to woo the Sound Effects Lady.
-->'''Contestant Dale:''' [[LiteralMinded Woo, Sound Effects Lady.]]
-->''(Drew crumples over in a HARD fit of full-bodied laughter)''
** Then, Dale turns out to have only one number right, and it's almost obviously the first number. He ''somehow'' struggles to choose which other 4 numbers to change, which sends Drew into even MORE convulsions of laughter. Dale wins in the end.
** Then, after Dale spins the wheel in the Showcase Showdown, Drew asks him, "Hey, just for old times' sake, can you give us another "woo?" Dale: "Woo!" (Dale didn't make it to the Showcase)

[[folder:Dennis James (nighttime, 1972-77)]]
* (Nothing as of yet, but here just in case.)

[[folder:Tom Kennedy (nighttime, 1985-86)]]
* (Nothing as of yet, but here just in case.)

[[folder:Doug Davidson (nighttime, 1994-95)]]
* Doug pulling a rubber chicken out of the 3 Strikes bag.
** On another episode, he pulls out a [[{{Squick}} fake hand.]]

[[folder:Ian Turpie (Australia, 1981-1986, 1989)]]
* This collection of bloopers from the 1984 HSV-7 Christmas tape, [[ including...]]
** A contestant who spins the wheel so hard that it goes out of whack.
---> '''Ian:''' Spin the wheel, and if you spin it that bloody hard again, I'll drop you!
** One of the models having trouble turning over the price display for "Most Expensive".
** The displays for the Showcase not lighting up.
** A collection of what goes on during commercial breaks.
** Also, one time, when a contestant wouldn't come on down, Turps decided to take over the vacant Contestants' Row spot, with [[TheAnnouncer John Deeks]] taking over as the host, and then Turps doing the prize plug for the IUFB.

[[folder:Larry Emdur (Australia, 1993-98, 2003-05, 2012)]]
* Mid 2000s: In what can be described as the Australian version of the Yolanda incident, when contestant Cassandra Dillon was asked to "Come on down!", she flashed her chest before running to Contestant's Row. Once she arrived, the audience laughed while Larry just stood in confusion and announcer Shawn Cosgrove [[INeedAFreakingDrink immediately drank his entire bottle of water]], before he finally said "Sorry!"

[[folder:Leslie Crowther (UK, 1984-88)]]
* (Nothing as of yet, but here just in case.)

[[folder:Bob Warman (UK, 1989)]]
* (Nothing as of yet, but here just in case.)

[[folder:Bruce Forsyth (UK, 1995-2001)]]
* (Nothing as of yet, but here just in case.)

[[folder:Joe Pasquale (UK, 2006-07)]]
* One playing of Danger Price had an egg chair as a prize, which spun around to reveal that a [[Film/AustinPowers Dr. Evil]]-esque villain with a RightHandCat was sitting in it. It also happened to coincidentally be the item to avoid, prompting the LosingHorns to have a screeching cat noise in it too.