Funny / The Prestige

  • The scene where Borden tells Olivia just how easily he was able to see through Angier's act:
    Olivia: He wants me to come work for you and steal your secrets.
    Borden: What does he need my secrets for? His trick is top-notch. He vanishes, and then he reappears instantly on the other side of the stage - mute, overweight, and unless I'm mistaken, very drunk. It's astonishing, how does he do it?
    • And before that when Angier first sees Root on stage:
    Angier: Great! Now all I have to do is keep myself stinking drunk and no one will be able to tell the difference.
  • When Cutter is questioned over the circumstances of Angier's death:
    Judge: How large do you think this tank was?
    Cutter: Eh... 400, 500 gallons, maybe.
    Judge: And how do you think he was able to move a tank of this size?
    Cutter: He's the magician. Why don't you ask him?