Funny / The Opposite of Sex

  • Lucia's reaction to finding out Dede took her brother's ashes.
    Lucia: "Oh, great, she's probably trying to smoke them!"
  • Dede ordering a Long-island iced tea at a restaurant. When rebuked, since she's pregnant, she responds, "This kid owes its life to Long-island iced tea, if you get what I mean."
  • During the birth scene, this moment happens:
    Bill: *in awe* "You're having a baby!"
    Dede: *in a lot of pain, very sarcastically* "Yeah, lucky me!"
  • Lucia berates Matt for the affair since he's supposed to be gay. He responds that he's bisexual...
    "I went to a Bar Mitzvah once! That doesn't make me Jewish!"
  • Dede trolling the audience into thinking she has died. Twice.
    "I'm the fucking narrator, guys."
  • When Matt suggests marrying, Dede says she doesn't think they should rush into it.
    Lucia: No, but bring another life into the world? That's whim time.
    • Lucia also suggests an abortion, which Dede reminds her off when Lucia tells her that smoking is bad for the baby.