Funny: The Nutty Professor

  • The Hilarious Outtakes of the 1996 remake:
    Eddie Murphy as Cletus Klump: I seen Sherman get so hungry once when he was young, he beat up a grown man!
    Eddie Murphy as Mama Klump: I thought a colonic was a massage...
  • In the first Eddie Murphy movie, the massive chaos caused by the stampede of hamsters.
  • The incredibly embarrassing scene where Sherman brings Carla over for dinner with his family.
    • "Now Sherman, you can wear a white wedding tuxedo, 'cause (whispering) Sherman's never had relations."
    • The equally hilarious scene in the second movie where Sherman meets Denise's parents after having lost a good chunk of his intelligence.
  • In The Nutty Professor II, the ever-unfiltered Granny Klump tells of how she thought she was having a heart attack in the shower due to having sharp pains in her chest. Turns out:
    Granny: I bent over and looked...and I was standing on my own titty! Both feet, too!
  • The first "getting in shape" montage in which a trampoline sags under Sherman's weight. Also, the part where a man is shown lifting weights and next to him is Sherman lifting a Snicker's bar in unison with him.
  • The failed Wacky Marriage Proposal with the mariachi band where Buddy takes over Sherman temporarily and causes him to act like a pervert and make an ass of himself.
  • Dean Richmond with the giant hamster.
    Dean Richmond (describing what a child said upon seeing him after the incident): Look, mommy! There goes the hamster's bitch! (Sherman says the hamster is back to normal and feeling fine): Oh yeah? DO YOU THINK HE'LL CALL?!?!
  • Dysfunctional Family: The Klumps.
  • Sherman's first transformation as Buddy Love. He goes all over the place relishing in the fact that he's thin and literally shouting it from the rooftops.