Funny / The Mummy: The Animated Series

  • Jonathan's introduction into the show: being chased by creditors. The following conversations don't paint him any better.
    • Evvy and Alex
    Alex: Is he (Jonathan) coming with us?
    Evvy: Um...I don't think so, dear. Jonathan has a way of being...
    Alex: An irresponsible pain-in-the-bum?
    Evvy: Well put.
    • As Jonathan is coming aboard
    Rick: Don't thank me; it was your sister's idea.
  • I don't think Alex minds the idea of being a free range kid.
    Alex: Well, I hate to miss school...but if I have to...!
  • Just after Jonathan saves everybody in "A Candle in the Darkness".
    Alex: You did it! You saved us!
    Jonathan: You don't have to sound so amazed!
  • Alex just after blasting Imhotep with the Manacle.
    Alex: Did you see that?! I did that... I'm just not sure how.