Funny / The Money Pit

  • Walter reacts to the latest catastrophe by completely losing his mind and cackling like a madman for a good half a minute. Bonus points for Tom Hanks's belly laugh sounding a lot like a donkey. Shelley Long kept a straight face through this part (see it at the 2:20 mark), settling instead for a "Dude, Not Funny!" look, is beyond human comprehension.
    • Said catastrophe itself is worth a mention - after lugging buckets of hot water up an extension ladder to the second floor (due to the staircase completely collapsing), the two go to pour the buckets into the tub...only to have the tub fall through the floor and shatter below. Cue Walter's laughing fit.
  • How Walter gets his half of the loan to buy the house, by begging for it from the wealthiest client he has. Bennie, a top-selling musical performer... and 12 years old.
    • And he forces it out of Bennie by threatening to not like him anymore. For a 12-year-old, that's Serious Business.
  • One of the bands that Walter manages is a group of bearded crossdressers calling themselves 'Cheap Girl', except they don't like that name anymore:
    Band leader: I'm not sure it's us. We want to call ourselves Meryl Streep.
    Walter: No, no you cannot call yourselves Meryl Streep.
    Band leader: Maybe she'll be flattered!
    Walter: No, in fact considering your act, I think I can guarantee a giant lawsuit.