* Many of the very early issues were ''hilarious'', containing moments like Loki being tricked by a [[http://goodcomics.comicbookresources.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/goofythor-3.jpg cardboard cutout]] of Thor and Loki trying to escape by summoning a flock of pigeons.
* Loki also attempted to evade Thor by turning himself ''into'' a pigeon. This attempt... [[http://pondbaba.tumblr.com/post/91676047452/witchofspacetime-oh-my-god-i-finally-found-it did not go well]].
* From issue #603, courtesy of the lovely Sif:
-->"And what of the Warriors Three? Hogun and Fandral would fight their way through the same Nine Worlds if they stood between them and ''you''. And Volstagg would eat his way through. And he would get there first."
* From that same issue: Asgardians interacting with {{Muggles}} is always inherently funny. The Warriors Three take it to a whole 'nother level.
-->'''Volstagg:''' Good day, citizen.\\
'''Man:''' Mornin'.\\
([[{{Beat}} beat]])\\
'''Man:''' Grow 'em kind of ''big'' where you come from, don't they?\\
'''Volstagg:''' My girth brings ''fear'' to my ''enemies''.\\
'''Fandral:''' Also the sidewalk.\\
'''Volstagg:''' Silence!
* The Warriors Three and ordinary mortals have always been a hilarious combination. During Simonson's run, the Warriors Three [[http://scans-daily.dreamwidth.org/2955273.html do New York]], and it is alternately hilarious and heart-warming, such as when Hogun terrifies the ComicBook/PowerPack and Volstagg drinks a bar (yes, a WHOLE BAR) under the table.
** ComicBook/BetaRayBill. Sif. Groucho glasses.
* Issue 341: With Thor no longer possessing his Donald Blake persona, but still wanting to stay in Midgard, he approaches Nick Fury about a place to stay. This results in Thor not only putting on civilian clothes, but also [[ClarkKenting a pair of glasses as a disguise.]] This would be funny enough on its own, along with Thor's skepticism on the idea, but the funniness is compounded when Thor runs into an {{Expy}} of ''Clark Kent'', with a ''Lois Lane'' {{Expy}} right behind him!
* A mortal fry-cook named Bill tries to ask the Asgardian ice goddess Kelda out. He's holding a bouquet and standing on the ground, looking up at the floating kingdom of Asgard in the sky. Kelda looks over the wall and asks him to throw the flowers to her, despite his protests that he can't possibly throw that high. After several tries, he ties a rock to the bouquet and throws it, only for the rock to hit Kelda in the face. Depending on your point of view, this can also be a [[SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome CMOA]] and a [[SugarWiki/HeartwarmingMoments CMOH]].
** Later, Bill [[CultureClash tries to explain basketball]] to the Asgardians, but being [[ProudWarriorRaceGuy proud warrior race guys]] with {{creative sterility}}, they are unable to understand the concept of playing for points.
*** In fact one of them worries that other players might save up their points and them use them to stab the other players.
** Later, after he [[spoiler:dies and goes to Valhalla in a CMOA]] he asks one of the guys eating with him to pass the ketchup. They all think he's talking about a weapon.
** In the same story, Loki travels back in time and murders his abusive biological father. As he returns home:
---> '''Loki:''' If everybody could do that, we could save a fortune on therapists.
** The Warriors Three (Hogun, Fandral, and Volstagg) in the same series are especially hilarious. Especially Volstagg. The best is when the aforementioned Bill is trying to get the attention of an Asgardian and draws the gaze of "Volstagg the Great and Heimdall the... also great!" When they are told he is looking for Kelda, they simply look at each other and say, "Kellllldaaaaa..."
** In the same incident, when the utterly [[DeadpanSnarker deadpan]] Heimdall makes jibes at Volstagg's size - largely motivated by the latter listening to Loki.
* One Warriors Three story starts out with the Three stranded on the streets of New York, trying to hail a cab. After the adventure, the story ends...with the Three stranded in New York, trying to hail a cab. The HereWeGoAgain look on Volstagg's face cracks this troper up.
* Classic scene from ''ComicBook/TheMightyThor''; it's the final, cosmic battle against Surtur, and Odin, Thor, and Loki charge in with ringing battlecries:
-->'''Odin:''' FOR ASGARD!
-->'''Thor:''' FOR MIDGARD!
-->'''Loki:''' FOR MYSELF!
* Loki decides to transform Thor into a frog. Unfortunately for Loki, Thor-as-Frog is still worthy to lift Mjölnir...
** Honestly the entire Walter Simonson Thor-as-Frog storyline is a CMOF, but special credit has to go to issue #366. The cover demands "What Do You Call a 6'6" Fighting-Mad Frog?" Turn the page to find out that the issue is titled "Sir!"
* In Simonson's run, Loki tricked Asgard into believing he could lift Mjölnir, in an effort to claim the throne, by hurling a fake far away. When Thor discovers the treachery, he simply tosses the real Mjölnir to Loki in front of everyone and Loki just collapses.
* After Thor is banished from Asgard, Fandral and Hogun try and convince Volstagg to go after Thor with them. Volstagg is drunk, and in between him trying to make sense of what they're saying, he keeps mistaking a pig for his wife. Funny, yes, but the best bit is at the end, when he falls unconscious again:
-->'''Fandral:''' We've told you this three times before, and you always collapse at this point.
* There is an issue in which Hercules is strolling Central Park with Jarvis, trying to find some exotic ingredients for Hercules' recipes. They happen to stumble across a bullied kid, who wants to know if either he or Thor is the strongest. Hercules starts recounting a tale of the time he and Thor arm-wrestled. [[UnreliableNarrator but he keeps fidgeting with details and correcting himself]]. [[SerialEscalation It quickly devolves into a story in which he and Thor pretty much rip apart Manhattan, tearing the entire island from its foundations]], with Thor in the losing side... and then Jarvis takes him aside for a second so he can inform him that the kid's pretty much a mess, having realized ''Thor'' was his hero, not ''Hercules''. Hercules quickly returns and amends himself with another story which ends with him punted across several states "to a place the Gods forgot -- ''[[TakeThat New Jersey]]''!"
* After executing a plan in ''The Mighty Thor'' #21, Loki's [[http://scans-daily.dreamwidth.org/4048493.html response to Thor's questioning]] is an understated "Yaaaay Loki". The lack of punctuation sells it completely.
* During a storyline in which Asgard has appeared in the skies over Oklahoma, a postman arrives and just stares for a moment. Then he hammers a mailbox labeled "1 Asgard Road" into the ground so that he can drop off an invitation to a town hall meeting.
** In the same volume, when Thor recreates Asgard in the desert the police arrive to explain that Thor can't simply build on that land. What does Thor do? He ''lifts the entire city up'' and then sets it afloat 8 feet above the ground!
** When the land-owner comes to get payment, Thor gives him access to the treasury and tells him to take what he wants and never come back. The dude tells his friend to back the pick-up truck he's got up and he runs back and forth with armsful of gold until the back of the truck is full while Thor just watches bored.
** When the Asgardians go to a town hall meeting, they learn about septic tanks and sewer systems. They also explain the Asgardian waste management system: Throw it over the walls of the city. Which they were still doing, and embarrassed to learn it wasn't OK to do so.
* The entirety of the "Mighty Thorcules" arc in ''ComicBook/TheIncredibleHercules''.
* In issue 12 of Jason Aaron's run on Thor: God Of Thunder, Thor goes about doing all the sort of things you'd expect to see from Superman, befriending people on Death Row and staying with them until they die, taking Jane Foster [[spoiler:who is currently undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer]] to see sunrise from the moon, drinking with veterans, creating rain in drought stricken areas and generally serving the public and being a nice guy, something shown in lots of single panels... including one where he's standing in the middle of a bunch of people waving placards that say, 'God Hates You' and screaming, with a pissed off expression and raining down lightning bolts just to scare the crap out of them and show them what a god who hates them is like. A public service indeed.
* The 2015 Thor annual features flying sharks, the new Thor getting up to various hijinks with the Warriors Three and a young Thor trying to prove himself worthy by drinking literally everyone, including Mephisto, under the table.
* Issue 5 of the new Thor series has the new female Thor fighting villainous couple Titania and the Absorbing Man. After Titania stands down she goes on to state that she's doing so because being a woman with the name Thor, she is striking out for women everywhere and that her surrendering was a one-time only Girl Power move. The 'next'' time they meet will involve heads being torn off. Thor's response?
-->'''Thor:''' I am going to hit you now. Rather hard.
-->'''Titania:''' Kinda thought you might.
* Female Thor's way to tell Odinson that she's not his mother? ''[[ShutUpKiss Kiss]]'' him.
-->'''Female Thor''': Still think I am your mother?\\
'''Odinson:''' [[ParentalIncest I... certainly]] [[DefiedTrope hope not]].
* In the post-Ragnarok storyline, in which Thor has been {{RetGone}}d, Kid Loki stumbles across the ComicBook/SilverSurfer in the desert. The scenario is surreal enough as it is, with the Surfer allowing vultures to eat his flesh to try and better understand the cycle of life and death, but what happens next takes the cake. Determined to find someone else to help him expose Tanarus, Kid Loki tries desperately to convince the Surfer about Thor's existence, finally exasperatedly mentioning that, one time, [[SuperStrength Thor]] headbutted the [[NighInvulnerable Silver Surfer]] so hard, he ''dented the Surfer's skull''. At that, the Surfer's face ''lights up'' in realization, and the next panel is him dashing into infinity aboard his cosmic surfboard whilst Kid Loki hangs on for dear life.
* In the ''Thor: Year One'' storyline, Sif is drinking with Loki and the Warriors Three and bantering during Thor's exile from Asgard. The topic comes around to Sif joining the Warriors, and Volstagg responds with a line about how the Warriors are a group for doing "manly things". Cue Sif [[{{Gasshole}} voicing a mighty belch]], which leaves her and the others at the table laughing themselves sick as Volstagg weakly responds that they will consider her application.