Funny: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

  • Hello Anonymous. I'm glad at least some of most of you are liking my new Old Spice commercial (random crown). And that means a lot (large book). Because you're important to me (jewel-encrusted scepter). And I wanna make you proud (freshwater fish). So I always try my best (delicious cake). Because you deserve the best (the fish again). So that's what I give you. Thank you, friends. You're my everything. -Beat- (Expensive magnifying glass)note .
  • Old Spice Guy VS Fabio. ALL OF IT! To wit:
    • Old Spice Guy challenges Fabio at a staring contest. For a full minute, Old Spice Guy stares at the camera not moving. Then he brings out a fishing rod with a comb attached to the hook while still staring at the camera! He then reels it towards the ground and acts like he's fishing. Come Fabio's turn, and he does his stare for a full minute and the comb that Old Spice Guy had comes down at him. Turns out, Old Spice Guy was fishing for Fabio to get the comb. Fabio falls for it and uses the comb, admitting his defeat.
    • Even funnier perhaps... the pong off match. 13 consecutive videos of Old Spice Guy vs Fabio in, that's right, pong.