Funny: The Magicians 2016

aka: The Magicians
Episode 1 - Unauthorized Magic

  • This exchange, after Quentin is told that the man who was supposed to carry out his interview for Brakebills died from eating a box of Oreos:
    Quentin: Magicians can't have Oreos?
    Dean: Diabetics can't have Oreos.

Episode 3 - Consequences of Magic

  • The Physical Cottage door is always locked as a simple test. Kady tries knocking for a few minutes, but eventually just blasts the door down.
  • Quentin spends half the episode trying to track down volume 1 of a pair of magic books, using volume 2, which wants to get back to her mate. When they reunite, they... mate.
  • Penny comes up to confront Quentin in the schoolyard...because he overheard him singing Taylor Swift songs in his head and wants him to shut up.

Alternative Title(s):

The Magicians