Funny / The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age

  • After the skirmish at the elven shrine in Eregion, Elegost spends a few moments sticking his sword in orc corpses, just to be sure they're dead. He quickly begins a minor argument with Berethor, during which he uses the freshly-killed orc corpse as a chair.
    • During this scene, Berethor starts to show frustration with both Elegost and Idrial for not telling him anything, and promising to give out the information at a later date. While the sentiment is understandable, the delivery is hilarious.
      Berethor: You rangers of the north are full of riddles!
  • While traversing through Moria, Berethor saves Idrial from falling off a collapsing staircase. Upon being rescued, she kisses him, and says a few words of Elvish. Berethor spends a few moments thinking "What just happened?", completely forgetting about the collapsing stonework. Idrial has to snap him out of it.
  • Partway through Rohan, Idrial begins arguing with Berethor and Morwen about how Berethor has forsaken "the elves, because of one pretty face." Hadhod and Elegost have been awkwardly watching the bickering from a distance. When Idrial storms off, Hadhod gives Elegost a strange look. Elegost can only shake his head and shrug in response.
  • In co-op mode, Player 1 will control Berethor, Elegost, and Morwen, while Player 2 controls Idrial, Hadhod, and Eaoden. There's a bit of amusement knowing that Player 2 is simultaneously controlling a dwarf and an elf.
  • This strange line from Berethor after the first boss fight with the Watcher in the Water:
    Berethor: Watch out, those tentacles are powerful!
  • This exchange between Gimli and Morwen in Helms-Deep:
    Gimli: This is no rabble of mindless orcs...these are Uruk-hai! Their armor is thick, their shields broad.
    Morwen: And my sword cuts deep!
    Morwen stabs the table they are sitting at with a knife
    Gimli: Remind me never to invite you to my home...
  • In Moria, there's a scene where the group makes it to Balin's tomb and are being stalked by a lone goblin. Eventually he jumps out ready to attack. The fact that he thought he'd be able to take on Berethor, Idrial, Elegost and Hadhod by himself is funny enough but the minute he confronts them, the ground starts shaking, he has a "Wait, what?" look on his face and then BOOM! The Balrog smashes through the wall and the goblin is killed in the process.
  • Also in Moria, the very idea behind the Balrog fight. Apparently Berethor's group just barge right into the fight and get out of there immediately after. It's implied that The Fellowship just stood there watching the fight and either somehow didn't see Berethor and the others, or just forgot about them.