Funny / The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe


  • The repeated advice about not getting yourself locked into a wardrobe. It comes up often enough to make you wonder if it's something Lewis' goddaughter, his primary intended audience, made a habit of.
  • Giant Rumblebuffin knocks down the gate to the Witch's house so that everyone can get out and finds himself a bit winded. He asks if anyone has a handkerchief and Lucy volunteers hers, only to find herself being lifted into the air. It turns out that Rumblebuffin thought that Lucy herself was the handkerchief!
  • When Aslan is organizing the creatures who were formerly statues to go join the battle, he tells the animals with good noses to come up to the front of the group with "us lions." The other Lion's glee is adorkable.
    The most pleased of the lot was the other Lion who kept running everywhere pretending to be very busy but really in order to say to everyone he met, "Did you hear what he said? Us Lions. That means him and me. Us Lions. That's what I like about Aslan. No sides, no stand-off-ishness. Us Lions. That meant him and me." At least he went on saying this until Aslan had loaded him up with three dwarves, one dryad, two rabbits, and a hedgehog. That steadied him a bit.
  • The Witch declares that if she hears her dwarf chauffeur or Edmund mention the name "Aslan" again, she's going to kill them. Later this conversation happens:
    Dwarf: And what difference does that make now that... that... he is here?
    Witch: He may not stay long.


  • The meeting between Lucy and Mr Tumnus. Not having seen a human before, he asks if she's some kind of beardless dwarf. When she tells him she's in fact a girl, she then adds "and actually, I'm tallest in my class" with a brilliant "so there" expression on her face.
    • She suggests a handshake. Mr Tumnus doesn't know what that is and asks why he's supposed to shake. Lucy's eyes widen and she says "I don't know!" It's completely Adorkable.
    • When he asks if she's a Daughter of Eve - basically if she's human - Lucy answers her mom is named Helen.
  • The lioness with the glasses and mustache at the end of the first film.
    • Also becomes a heartwarming moment if you realise it's a Call-Back: earlier in the film, Edmund drew glasses and a mustache onto a lioness turned into stone by the witch. This one must be the same one, and she apparently doesn't hold a grudge against him for it.
  • When Peter's handing out the coats:
    Edmund: But that's a girl's coat!
    Peter: I know.
  • Mr. Beaver's eagerness to get the kids to safety starts to wear on Peter.
    Peter: (glaring at Mr. Beaver): If he tells us to hurry up one more time, I'm going to turn him into a big, fluffy hat!
    • Later, when the kids first meet Aslan.
      Aslan: Yes, Peter Pevensie, formerly of Finchley. Beaver also tells me you plan on turning him into a hat.
  • When getting their Christmas presents:
    Father Christmas: Lucy, Eve's Daughter. These are for you. The juice of the fire flower. If you, or one of your friends are wounded, one drop of this cordial will restore them. And though I do not expect you to use it, this [knife].
    Lucy: Well, I think I could be brave enough.
    Father Christmas: I'm sure you could. But battles are ugly affairs. (turns to Susan) Eve's Daughter, Susan. Trust in this bow, for it does not easily miss.
    Susan: ... What happened to "battles are ugly affairs"?
    • After Father Christmas bids them farewell, Lucy turns to Susan with an unbelievably smug grin and remarks "Told you he was real." On the commentary, they mention the line was originally when he arrived but after he left played funny.
  • The scene at the end, when the children all fall out of the wardrobe and the Professor hands them their ball back.
    • A blooper of this scene features William (Peter) missing his cue to catch it, resulting in it clocking Skander (Edmund) in the head. The actor playing the Professor proceeds to laugh as Skander complains "Ow... ow..."
  • Susan and Lucy make note of the Narnians staring.
    Susan: Why are they all staring at us?
    Lucy: Maybe they think you look funny.
  • Susan's idea of a rainy day game is looking up words in the dictionary and guessing their definition. Lucy suggests a game of hide and seek.
  • This exchange before the final battle:
    Griffin Scout: They come, Highness. With weapons and numbers far greater than our own.
    Boreas: Numbers do not win a battle.
    Peter: No, but I bet they help...
  • When Peter and Edmund are learning to ride:
    Edmund: Whoa, horsey!
    "Horsey": [annoyed] My name is Philip.
  • The Beavers and their constant, good-natured, married-couple bickering are a steady laugh riot.
    • When Mrs. Beaver first meets the Pevensies:
    Mrs. Beaver: Look at my fur! You couldn't give me ten minutes' warning?
    Mr. Beaver: I would've given you a week if I thought it would have helped!
    Mrs. Beaver: [to the children] Come inside, and we'll see if we can get you some tea... and some civilised company.
    • Mrs. Beaver is packing food before the group try to flee from the wolves:
    Peter: What's she doing?
    Mrs. Beaver: Oh, you'll be thanking me later. It's a long journey, and Beaver gets pretty cranky when he's hungry.
    Mr. Beaver: I'm cranky NOW!
    • After they've packed most of the food supplies:
    Susan: Should we bring jam?
    Peter: Only if the witch serves toast!
    (a little later)
    Mrs. Beaver: You should have brought a map!
    Mr. Beaver: There wasn't room, next to the jam!!
    • Encountering and giving first aid to the friendly fox while fleeing the Witch's soldiers:
    Mrs. Beaver: You're worse than Beaver on bath day!
    Mr. Beaver: Worst day of the year.
    • When the Pevensies and Beavers encounter a wide, foaming, turbulent river while still on the run:
    Lucy: Don't beavers make dams?
    Mr. Beaver: I'm not that fast, dear!
    (a little later)
    (The Ice starts to creak and crack under Mr. Beaver's weight)
    Mrs. Beaver: You've been sneaking second helpings!
    Mr. Beaver: Well, you never know which meal is going to be your last! Especially with your cooking...
  • Peter and Susan having this argument while about to cross a melting river.
    Susan: Wait! Shouldn't we think about this for a minute?
    Peter: We haven't got a minute.
    Susan: I'm just trying to be realistic.
    Peter: No. You're trying to be smart. As usual.

Film Commentary

  • For the filming of the Turkish Delight scene, the prop masters asked the director if he wanted the "fake" candy. He said yes...and they brought a fiberglass and wire piece which couldn't be eaten.
  • The pottymouth bucket that Georgie (Lucy) carried around. The boys claim she made up curse words and she references an incident (and clarifying "It wasn't you actually, Skandar") where someone swore and her head whipped around to force them to pay up.
  • Skandar (the actor who plays Edmund) is mentioned as not being permitted to eat sugar so William (Peter) apparently tricked him into eating sugar glass and is heard unrepentantly declaring, "And he actually went and ate silicon."
  • Skandar's complaints that Andrew (the director) made him stand on the edge of a cliff holding a huge, heavyweight sword... while knowing he was scared of heights. Andrew is unrepentant.
  • The already funny moment of Peter forcing Edmund to wear a girl's coat is made better when Skandar admits he actually loved his big, fluffy coat and had to tone his happiness down.
    Georgie: It's a pregnant woman's coat, you look like a pregnant woman!
    Skandar: No, I don't, I look like a gangster. I look cool.
  • Andrew recounting William's reaction watching his battle scene.
    Andrew: I remember Will looking over at his girlfriend smiling, like he was saying, "Hey, I'm an action hero!"
    Will: Andrew, you weren't meant to reveal that!
  • Meanwhile, there's Skandar's lack of action hero-ness in the battle.
    Skandar: OK now, everyone look at me, not Will!
    Will: Basically Skandar's not really a warrior: Him and Mr. Beaver have to go up and hide.
    Skandar: I'm amazing! Shut up, Will- let me have one moment! ONE MOMENT!