Funny / The Lion in Winter

  • It builds up slowly but the scene in Philip's room involving increasing numbers of people behind tapestries is so absurd it's hilarious. But that's what tapestries are for...
  • Eleanor, describing Rosamund: "Her eyes in certain light were violet, and all her teeth were even. That's a rare, fair feature: even teeth. She smiled to excess, but she chewed with real distinction."
    • In case it wasn't clear, Eleanor just loved Rosamund.
    Henry: Rosamund's been dead for seven years.
    Eleanor: Two months and eighteen days. I never liked her much.
    Henry: You count the days?
    Eleanor: I made the numbers up.
  • After another massive screaming match with Henry, Eleanor sums up the whole plot in the ultimate understatement:
    Eleanor: "Oh, well. What family doesn't have its ups and downs?"
  • Eleanor's trolling Henry:
    Henry: "Let's have a tally of the bedspreads you've spread out on."
    Eleanor: Thomas Becket.
    Henry: That's a lie!