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Funny: The Legend of the Legendary Heroes
Episode 7
  • Ryner and Ferris accidentally release a massive dragon from a dagger while being attacked by enemy knights. Then then casually walk away while the others flee the dragon.

Episode 9
  • Ryner stops Iris from attacking him, and Ferris points her sword at him, only to lower it when he word for word quotes what she was about to say to him about being a perverted beast.
  • Iris brings a message for Ryner and Ferris about the dragon they released, but the note from Sion is accidentally thrown away by Ferris when it is confused for part of the dango box's wrapper. Iris comes to the conclusion that they were supposed to go after it, the opposite was true.

Episode 15
  • Ferris and Ryner go back to Roland to kill Sion in revenge. But Ryner lazily only puts a dictionary above the door.
    • "You tried to kill me... with a dictionary?"
  • Afterwards Ryner trying to strangle Sion causes them to be Mistaken for Gay.

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