Funny / The Last Wish

  • In the short story "The Last Wish", Geralt and Dandelion find and accidentally free some kind of a demon. Geralt tries to banish the demon by saying an exorcism (in unknown language) taught to him by some priestess. The demon immediately flees, but returns later in a state of absolute fury. Turns out that the demon is a Literal Genie, and the "exorcism" is just a prank the priestess played on Geralt, which roughly translates to "go and screw yourself". The genie had to do exactly that.
  • In "The Edge of the World" Geralt and Dandelion go to see village wise woman to find out about the "Devil" that is troubling the town. She digs up an old book about monsters, quoting this gem about Witchers:
    A witchman, mumbled the woman. Called by some a witcher. To summon him is most dangerous, albeit one must; for when against the monster and the vermin there be no aid, the witchman can contrive. But careful one must be—
    Eeee... But careful one must be to touch not the witchman, for thus the mange can one acquire. And lasses do from him hide away, for lustful the witchman is above all measure—
    —though the witchman greatly covetous and greedy for gold be, mumbled the old woman, half-closing her eyes, giveth ye not such a one more than: for a drowner, one silver penny or three halves; for a werecat, silver pennies two; for a plumard, silver pennies—
  • The fight between Geralt and Yennifer while dealing with the djinn at the end of "The Last Wish" gets into full slapstick at some points, with them accidentally being teleported into the middle of a high-society ball (and being asked for their invitations), Geralt partially ripping off Yennifer's dress, and Geralt having to stick his head into her cleavage to avoid getting punched in the face while grappling with her.
  • During the aforementioned fight, the inn that Geralt and Yennifer are in is getting torn to kindling by the angry djinn trying to kill both of them, and the surrounding buildings in the town aren't faring much better. Everyone is watching in utter horror, except the elf who owns the inn. When asked why he's laughing, the elf replies that he took out a massive insurance policy on the place, and yes, it includes damages caused by magic and supernatural forces.
  • When Dandelion and a couple of knights Geralt befriended earlier come looking for him and Yennifer in the ruins of the inn, one of the knights follows what they think if Yennifer's pained moans. He looks over the rubble, sees Yennifer and Geralt making love in the ruins, and immediately turns back around and assures everyone that they're perfectly fine.