Funny / The Kirita Chronicles

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    Story Arc One: What Happened Before 

    Story Arc Two: Welcome to the Death Game 

Chapter Eight

  • Kirita punching Akio to get him to shut up about his depressing outlook in Sword Art Online
  • Akio's reaction to finding out that Kirita is a girl.
  • Kirita telling Akio to get in the changing room.

Chapter Nine

  • Argo pushing Kirita's buttons about her issues with men. She ends up shouting at him.
  • Argo joking about Kirita and Akio engaging in 'ethics off activities' which Kirita has no clue what that function is.

    Story Arc Three: Rise of the Guilds 

Chapter Fifteen

  • Suta was quite stubborn with Kirita in the beginning but after she had a duel with her to see the flaws of her weapon (and lost), she did a quick 180 and began respecting Kirita immediately.
    • Suta refers Kirita as Kirita-sensei.
    • Even in chapter 16, Argo mention's how Suta did a 180.

    Post-Chapter Content 


  • Chapter Eight
    • Kirita and Akio's reaction to certain plans regarding a future chapter.

Information Broker Time

  • Chapter Nine
    • Sasha and Argo lampshading that the Rope Dart was inspired by Assassin's Creed III.