Funny / The Kentucky Fried Movie

  • "She was six feet of black dynamite! He was a short Hasidic Jew!" And all the rest of the following trailer. If only Cleopatra Schwartz had actually been made..
  • "And Featuring Donald Sutherland as The Clumsy Waiter!"
  • One of the kung-fu mooks missing his flying kick in A Fistful of Yen.
  • "Rex Kramer... Danger Seeker." "NIGGERS!"
  • The very first line in the film: "The popcorn you're eating has been pissed in, film at eleven."
    • And very last line: "I'm not wearing any pants, film at eleven."
  • All of the "Joy of Sex Album" sketch is hilarious, but it truly transitions into greatness with the introduction of "BIG JIM SLADE!" [crash]
  • The logic behind the United Appeal for the Dead: "Despite millions of dollars of research, Death continues to be our nation's number one killer."
  • Klahn's carefully sorted collection of prisoners.
    Klahn: These are drunks who do not know where they are, and no longer care.
    Klahn: These are drunks who do not know where they are, but do care.
    Klahn: And these people know where they are, and care, but don't drink.
    Prisoner: Where am I?
    Klahn: (to prisoner) Do you care?
    Prisoner: No.
    Klahn: (to guard) Put this man in the first cage, and give him a drink! (leaves)
    Guard: What do you drink?
    Prisoner: I don't care.
  • Klahn shipping off a terrified CIA agent to Detroit.
  • Klahn is not happy with some of his guards, so he forces three of them... to play out The Dating Game or else die.
    • The guards names are Hung Well, Long Wang, and Enormous Genitals.
    • The first guard's answer to how he'd do a first date is so lame that Klahn's enforcer kills him before he can finish.
    • The second guard is asked a trick question: "If you were my alarm clock, how would you wake me?" "I wouldn't. I'm no ding-a-ling." He gets his back broken.
    • The third guard, realizing he's screwed, answers by praising Dr. Klahn's efforts for building an incredible fighting force. And it works... up until the guard says "Let's all give Dr. Klahn a big hand!" Yeah, he dies for that little faux pas.
    • Meta example- the announcer in that skit (and a few others)? Shadoe Stevens, who would later announce an actual game show- The Hollywood Squares.
  • The "Happy Birthday to You!" joke in the courtroom sketch. It cost the filmmakers $10,000 for the rights and was worth every penny.
  • Stephen Bishop's cameo in Catholic High School Girls In Trouble.
    Sexy Woman: Show me your/you're nuts.
    (Bishop makes funny faces)