Funny: The Jungle Book

The 1967 Disney animated film

  • The scene where the temple collapses.
    • As the precursor to this, when Louie suddenly finds himself being a Load-Bearing Hero (or Boss) for the temple, and is thus completely at Baloo's Tickle Torture mercy. The expression on Baloo's face when he realizes this and goes in for the kill is priceless, as is King Louie's laugh while being tickled, which sounds exactly like Br'er Rabbit from Song of the South.
  • And just before that, when they're all fighting over Mowgli. King Louie grabs him from Bagheera, then Baloo yanks him out of Louie's hands and bonks Louie over the head with a hilarious thumping noise. Oh, and the animation is reused from the "Wind in the Willows" segment of The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad: namely, animation of Toad's group fighting with Winkie and his weasels fighting for possession of the deed to Toad Hall.
  • "Will you stop that silly beat business and listen?"
  • This scene when Hathi is being convinced to help search for Mowgli:
    Junior: Pop, the man cub and I are friends. He'll get hurt if we don't find him. Please, Pop, sir? Please?
    Hathi: Now don't you worry, son. Your father had a plan in mind all the time.
    Winifred: (sarcastically) Sure you did!
  • The whole "What we gonna do?" gag between the vultures.
    • "Don't start that again!"
  • Baloo interrupting his own moving epitaph, prompting indignant (and hilarious) fury from Bagheera.
    • Surprised that people found this sad - Baloo's eyes open during the epitaph and his compliments before Bagheera and Mowgli are about to leave killed the sad nature of this part.
  • Baloo's Paper-Thin Disguise when he joins in on King Louie's dance! And the hilarity that ensues when the disguise is compromised.
  • Kaa trying to hypnotize Shere Khan and Shere Khan simply slapping him down and saying "No I can't be bothered with that. I have no time for that sort of nonsense." Also can be read as the following:
    Kaa uses HYPNOSIS!
    It's ineffective.
    Shere Khan uses BITCH SLAP!
    It's super effective!
    • Made even funnier by the moment when he casually scratches inside Kaa's nostril with one claw, complete with squeaky-glass sound effect.
    • Prior to the above two moments, when Shere Khan overhears Kaa singing and sees his tail dangling from the tree, he grabs it and yanks on it like a door ringer.
    • When Shere Khan thinks he hears snoring (which a sleeping Mowgli was doing), Kaa makes a funny snorting sound that's mimicking snoring.
  • "Come on, Baggy, get with the beat!"
  • When Baloo pulls himself up over the cliff and screams "BAGHEERAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!" right in Bagheera's face.
    • "Oh you heard me, huh?"
  • Khan stealing the vultures' number.
  • "Trust In Me", despite the song being a way for Kaa to convince Mowgli to let him eat him.
  • This little gem...
    Baloo: I'll teach him all I know.
    Bagheera: Well, that shouldn't take too long.
    • The indignant look on Baloo's face afterwards is priceless.
  • When Bagheera explains to Baloo his plan to sneak up and take Mowgli, but after he finished and tells Baloo to get ready...
    Baloo: (dancing away) I'm gone, Bagheera. Solid gone.
    Bagheera: Not yet, Baloo!
  • Right after that scene, Bagheera has to run from the monkey/Mowgli parade, so he hides in the ruins by sitting across from a panther statue and adopting the exact same pose as the statue. From there, he almost grabs Mowgli until Baloo accidentally slams the door open on his face.
  • "COMPANYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!" (followed by involuntary elephant head-bang).
  • While inspecting his troops, one is smiling.
    Hathi: Wipe that smile of your face! This is the army!
    (the elephant frowns)
  • What happens when Hathi forgets to say, "Halt!" It's Stock Footage from one of Disney's cartoons, Goliath II.
    Mowgli: And they say an elephant never forgets.
  • This exchange between Buzzy and Baloo after the vultures rescue Mowgli from Shere Khan:
    Buzzy: He's safe now! You can let go, Baloo!
    Baloo: Are you kiddin'? There's teeth on the other end!
  • When Kaa got a knot on his tail and it's stuck between two branches.
    Mowgli: (laughing) Bagheera, he's got a knot in his tail!
    Kaa: (mocking Mowgli) He-he-he, "he's got a knot in his tail"!
  • Head elephant inspecting one of his troop's trunks: "Tsk tsk tsk tsk. A dusty muzzle."
  • Baloo and Bagheera's responses to Mowgli's sudden development of a Precocious Crush. Baloo tries to take him away basically saying, 'yeah, you've seen her, come away, girl's are nothing but trouble. Also, cooties.' Bagheera, on the other hand, 'about damn time'.
    Baloo: Mowgli, come back! Come back!
    Bagheera: Go on! Go on!
  • "You wouldn't marry a panther, would you?" "I don't know. Come to think of it, no panther ever asked me."
  • After Mowgli escaped and Kaa got a knot in his tail again, "If I never see that skinny little shrimp again, it will be too soon."

The 2003 Sequel

  • This bit Right before Kaa hyptnotizes Shanti; Shanti is holding her torch too close to Kaa's coils. Kaa sniffs the air then massive Oh Crap! face; and bumps his head on the branch above him. As Shanti walks away, Kaa frantically blows out his smoldering coils.

The 1994 Disney live-action movie

  • Mowgli is afraid of his own reflection, so he pushes the mirror away, hitting the doctor.
  • At a party, Mowgli catches a fly, looks over at two girls, smiles, and then seemingly eats it. The girls walk away in disgust. When they're gone, Mowgli reveals the fly completely unharmed...he'd just pretended to eat it to gross them out.
  • Any scene with King Louie.
    • Louie clapping and the monkeys cheering after Kaa killed Boone.
  • "Man, woman, woman. One man, two women. Lucky man."
  • Boone's reaction to Harvey's death by quicksand is hilariously callous:
    Boone: "Oh, well; let's not be discouraged by every little thing."