Funny / The Informant!
aka: The Informant

  • Mark's ineptitude at being an informant during sting operations, from narrating his own actions for the recordings ("Good morning, Liz Taylor, secretary!") to looking right at the FBI's hidden cameras to trying to fix his recorder mid-meeting.
  • Mark's inner monologues:
    • "When polar bears hunt, they crouch down by a hole in the ice and wait for a seal to pop up. They keep one paw over their nose so that they blend in, because they've got those black noses. They'd blend in perfectly if not for the nose. So the question is, how do they know their noses are black? From looking at other polar bears? Do they see their reflections in the water and think, "I'd be invisible if not for that." That seems like a lot of thinking for a bear."
    • "I don't like wool on skin. Not even that merino wool they have at Marshall Field in Chicago. Ginger likes it because it's formfitting, but she likes avocados. And who wants that texture in their mouth?"
    • "I've been to Tokyo. They sell little-girl underwear in the vending machines right on the main drag, the Ginza, or whatever. Guys in suits buying used girl panties. How is that okay? That's not okay."
  • Matt Damon in a fake bald spot.
  • The trailer: Damon....Soderbergh....and Corn! That's right, CORN!

Alternative Title(s): The Informant