Funny / The iDOLM@STER 2

  • After the second mandatory festival agaisnt the Ryuugu Komachi, Touma appears to belittle the girls feat. Each one of them has a different reaction, the funniest being Yukiho's, as she instantly backs off and starts crying while Ritsuko calls Touma on it. It's the first time Touma actually apologizes and goes away without understanding exactly what just happened.
  • During Miki's route.
    President Kuroi interrupts a conversation between Miki and the Producer after the IA Nomination Ceremony.
    President Kuroi: 765 Pro's people are always acting stupid every time I see them.
    Miki: Hey, Old Man, Miki may be stupid, but Honey isn't.
    President Kuroi: Old Man? I'm President Kuroi.
    Miki: Then, President Old Man, Honey isn't stupid.