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* In episode 5, at the end of the day, Ritsuko asks everyone if they didn't forget anything, to which they say yes. Cue the Producer, buried under a sand castle, weakly saying "You forgot something..."
* In episode 8, there's the RunawayBride's turn-around when she finally meets her arranged groom; from stubborn refusal to eager acceptance in five seconds.
* In episode 9, after RK shoots for a mini-drama, Iori decides to treat everyone with special pudding...only to find that all of it vanished. So, Ami and Mami spend most of the episode, as spies, trying to figure out who did it. They went as far as dressing as giant pudding, scaring poor Haruka out of her mind. Miki finally announces that she's the one who ate the pudding. [[spoiler: But, at the epilogue, she says that there was only one left. Notice how Azusa is the only idol doesn't appear a lot in this episode. That's because she's the one who really ate all the puddings...[[BrickJoke despite being on a diet, as she briefly mentioned in episode two.]] Even funnier is that Miki only ate the last pudding because someone else ate her food... of which Ami and Mami quickly out themselves as the guilty party. They essentially set the events of the episode in motion.]]
* In episode 10:
** When Makoto and Iori were asked to bring an item, they bring the Producer. Required item? [[spoiler:[[ButtMonkey Office Chew Toy]].]]
** Makoto's boyish charm works again...even on a rival team's member.
* Episode 15 about the variety show has a bunch of them.
** Of note, [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QaI6gpz-1YQ Haruka has trouble opening a box of pastries]] and after struggling, it pops open, hitting her squarely on the nose... and Chihaya stifles her chuckling. This is based off of a memetic video of their respective voice actors ''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDvD6TDbOho doing the same thing]]'' on another live-action show!
** The appearance of Makoto cutefying herself as "Mako-rin" and [[EpicFail the audience reaction]], and the ensuing fix.
** [[ShrinkingViolet Yukiho]] suddenly having a crazed desire to dress Makoto up in different outfits.
* In episode 26:
** Yukiho, Haruka, Makoto and Chiyaya all go out to a karaoke bar. All of the girls get pretty impressive scoring in their singing, except for Chihaya who gets a sixty. She then tries to improve her score, which she does, point by point, song by song. Once she finally gets a perfect score, the other girls are seen exhausted.[[note]] To add to the hilarity, all the songs that Chihaya bombed were actually her own image songs from the series. Songs she probably practiced every day and sang hundreds of times and she still gets low scores for them! As a last bit of amusement, the song she finally aces, "Ohayou!! Asagohan" (Good Morning!! Breakfast) is a cheerful song that's completely at odds with Chihaya's usual style[[/note]].
** Takane, Hibiki, Ami, and Mami are eating at a revolving sushi restaurant when Takane gets into a minor scuffle with Touma, who was present with his group. When Touma notices there's nothing coming down the conveyor belt, he looks at 765's table, and sees Takane grabbing ''every plate'' and eating the sushi, just to spite him.
** Touma gets a little competitive with the game where they insert plates for a chance at a prize. After the 765 idols fail to win a prize, Touma has a go and wins... a small wind-up sushi toy. The awkward silence that follows as the toy slowly walks across the table and then falls over sells the moment.
* Chihaya's obsession with naming Puchidols "Gonzales," only to be turned down every time.
* Ritsuko, Takane, and Yukiho demonstrating their show idea in Season 2 Episode 50, complete with live action puppet versions of their Puchidol counterparts.


* Ami and Mami's image change commu in SP, where the twins suggest three options (a genius, a refined lady and a mature lady) and you have to choose one for them to try out. Since none of the options suit them at all, you get a funny moment no matter what you choose.

* MASTER LIVE 02's bonus track is particularly hilarious, especially when Iori gets the others to try out "cute appeals".