Funny / The Icewind Dale Trilogy

  • Bruenor gets knocked unconscious, and Wulfgar (himself injured) picks him up and carries him out of danger. After they make it to safety, and Bruenor wakes up...
    Bruenor: Ye forgot me axe! I can't be cutting stinkin' trolls without me axe!
    Drizzt [to Wulfgar]: I told you to take the axe. I said it clearly. Take the axe and leave the ungrateful dwarf.
  • The entire scene in The Crystal Shard when Wulfgar and Drizzt clear out a den of verbeeg. "There are only six of them!"
    • Most notably when Drizzt tells Wulfgar to go down a tunnel when they hear the footsteps of the giants coming towards them. When Drizzt doesn't follow, Wulfgar turns around to see him casually walking into the tunnel entrance and asks him where the giants are. Drizzt's response is to slip to the side of the door to where the verbeeg can't see him, and say "right behind me," while casually chewing on a piece of meat. Cue a pack a angry verbeeg charging into the tunnel after Wulfgar. Wulfgar shouts a very angry curse at Drizzt before he's forced to run.
    Wulfgar: Prayne de crabug ahm keike rinedere be-yogt iglo kes gron! (may the fleas of a thousand reindeer nest in your genitals)
    • Another crowing moment of funny related to this scene comes near the end of the book when Regis gives Drizzt the actual translation of the words (Wulfgar told him it was a tundra battlecry, not that Drizzt believed him).
  • Drizzt defeats Crenshinibon with a bag of flour.
  • "My dear Lavalle ... are you saying that we have an open road to Tarterus in my living quarters?"