Funny / The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

  • So, so many between the three District 12 Victors, and Effie. The film bought some of the most hilarious dialogue from the book to life.
    • After Katniss wakes him up with a jug of cold water:
      Haymitch: You are a strangely dislikable person.
      Katniss: [slams two bottles of liquor on the table]
      Haymitch: ... But you do have your virtues.
    • Peeta talking to Katniss on the train:
      Peeta: See, Katniss, the way the whole friend thing works is you have to tell each other the deep stuff.
      Katniss: The deep stuff?
      Peeta: Yeah.
      Katniss: Uh-oh. Like what?
      Peeta: Like, uh... what's your favorite color?
      Katniss: Oh, well, now you've stepped over the line.
      Peeta: [laughs]
    • Walking up to Snow's manor for the culmination of the Victory Tour with Katniss and Peeta:
      Effie: Eyes bright, chins up, smiles on! [without so much as looking over her shoulder] I'm talking to you, Katniss.
      • Even funnier when you realize that Peeta is frowning just as hard as Katniss.
    • Then:
    Effie: Breathe it all in, children... this is for you.
    Peeta: [staring up at the massive spot-lit estate, candy-coloured palace and massive fountains] Cosy.
    Effie: [like a reproachful mother] Attitude.
    • Before Katniss's interview:
    Effie: [fussing around her] Just be your usual self! Well, actually, be your happier self!
    • There's some Black Comedy to be had in Effie having to go through the motions of drawing Katniss's name, despite her being the only one eligible. She's not happy about it, either.
    • Haymitch telling Katniss and Peeta to make allies. Peeta, naturally, takes the lead:
      Peeta: Well, I think...
      Haymitch: Hold up, you're not the problem. [points at Katniss]
    • Peeta's exasperated reaction to Katniss saying she wants Mags as an ally.
    • Most of Haymitch's lines in general.
      Effie: Now, before we begin, I had a thought.
      Haymitch: You don't say.
  • Haymitch protecting Katniss from Thread.
    Haymitch: Trust me, I'm trying to help you.
    Thread: She interfered with a Peacekeeper!
    Haymitch: I never said she was smart!
  • When Gale is brought to Mrs. Everdeen and Prim for healing. It's a rather bleak and dramatic scene until Mrs. Everdeen uses white liquor on his wounds. She foolishly sets the bottle in front of Haymitch, who spares no time pouring a teacup full. Katniss quickly tears the bottle from his grip before he pours it all. The fact that it happens so quickly and without a word spoken only adds to the Black Comedy.
  • After the Quell is announced, when Katniss goes to see Haymitch and he's sitting in his armchair with his feet up, with a bottle and an open book, and looking about as composed as we've ever seen him, is pretty funny. Also:
    Haymitch: And you're here to... ask me to die?
    Haymitch: Finally, something I can help with.
  • Katniss's little Take That! to Caesar during the pre-Games interview.
    Katniss: Now, don't go crying on me, Caesar!
    Caesar: I can't make any promises, you know me!
    Katniss: And you know I wouldn't believe you even if you did!
  • Peeta dropping the "baby bomb" during his interview, and Haymitch toasting him with his flask from the audience.
    • That smug and conspiratorial look on Peeta's face... It totally sold the manipulation angle from the book, too.
  • Johanna.
    • In her introduction, undressing in the elevator. Pay attention to the look on Katniss' face.
      • Even better: the look she gives to Peeta when Jo asks him to unzip her.
      • As someone online said, "Careful, Katniss, your Jennifer Lawrence is showing!"
      • Peeta and Haymitch's reactions only help the hilarity.
        Johanna: [walking out naked] Let's do it again sometime!
        Haymitch: Thank you.
      • And the fact she winks at Haymitch, who responds with a little smirk.
      • A little something to add to the humour. They filmed that scene in a hotel elevator. During one take, the doors opened and an actual employee walked in on Jena Malone in the nude.
    • Dropping F-bombs on live television. And Caesar's response...
      Caesar: Okaaay, one woman's opinion... [voice cracks] Who's next?
    • Getting annoyed at Wiress.
      Wiress: Tick tock. Tick tock!
      Johanna: [throws her hands up] I can't— Have fun with Nuts! [walks off]
    • Screaming in a kind of Smite Me, O Mighty Smiter! manner.
  • While probably not intentional, Katniss hanging a mannequin painted as a representation of Seneca Crane by the neck wouldn't be quite the same if she hadn't drawn his trademark beard on its face.
  • Katniss's face when Chaff kisses her.
    • Also, Haymitch's introduction of Chaff: "Don't invite him to your house. He'll drink all your liquor."
  • Effie, Flavius, and Octavia buying into Cashmere's waterworks display during Caesar's show.
  • Haymitch's frequent bouts of Deadpan Snarkery.
  • Plutarch Heavensbee gets a few when he meets Katniss.
    Heavensbee: [This party] is appalling. Still, if you abandon your moral judgement, it can be fun.

    Heavensbee: Seneca decided to... quit breathing.
    Katniss: "Decided"?
    Heavensbee: Well, it was either that or poison berries. Being Head Gamemaker has never been the most secure job in the world.
  • President Snow watching the 24 victors' show of solidarity at the end of Flickerman's show and telling Plutarch:
    Snow: Look at them. They're holding hands. I want them dead.
  • The line most fangirls were waiting for:
    Finnick: Do you want a sugar cube?
  • A little bit of black comedy. Haymitch is running through the Victor tributes in order to prepare Katniss and Peeta, talking about how brutal and vicious they are. He comes to Finnick and Mags, explaining that Mags was Finnick's mentor and practically raised him, as Mags volunteers for Annie and Finnick hugs her on the screen. Katniss declares there's absolutely no way Finnick Odair won't abandon her as soon as the going gets tough. Haymitch gives this deadpan, depressed little smirk, and says:
    Haymitch: Well, Katniss, when she goes, I just hope she goes quickly, because— she's actually a wonderful lady.
  • More Black Comedy in the arena, as Peeta snarks right after he was revived. Also Heartwarming when you think that he was probably trying to make Katniss laugh instead of cry. Josh Hutcherson perfectly nails the line:
  • Katniss complains that all the other victors are crazy.
  • President Snow finding out, by way of her Katniss braid, that his granddaughter is one of her fangirls, along with all the other girls at school.
  • Effie, Haymitch, and Cinna watching Peeta give his speech in District 11, and announcing that he will make yearly donations to the families of Thresh and Rue:
    Haymitch: Oh shit!
    Cinna: Can... can he do that?
    Haymitch: He can't, but he just did.
    Effie: [sigh] Why doesn't he just stick to the cards?
    • It doubles over into Black Comedy when this entices the old man to give Katniss the three finger salute and cause a massive riot.
  • Caesar's goofily gobsmacked reactions during Peeta's proposal to Katniss. A beloved couple, both in- and out-of-universe, is getting engaged, and he totally steals the scene.
  • A little snarking from Beetee, "Keep me alive for the next six hours. That would be very helpful." Though it's later revealed that he was trying to covertly address Plutarch so they could all get out alive.
  • While also a bit of a tearjerker, Haymitch chastising Katniss for coming to see him far later than Peeta did after the terms of the third Quarter Quell was announced.
    Haymitch: You could live a hundred lifetimes and never deserve that boy.
    • Funnier because the meaning of his words just takes a great gazelle leap over Katniss's head (like many things do), since she doesn't connect the dots that Peeta's not acting for a while.
  • While eventually becomes a heartwarming/tearjerker moment, Effie's insistence that Haymitch and Peeta get gold trinkets to match Katniss' Mockingjay and her hair.
  • Upon entering the training center, Peeta reminds Katniss that they need to make allies... and the first tribute they see vomits.
  • The way Katniss hangs off of Peeta and smiles after they fall down in front of the cameras.
  • Effie introduces Plutarch Heavensbee as "successor to Seneca Crane." Peeta deadpans perfectly on cue:
    Peeta: Tough act to follow.
    Katniss: [corner of mouth twitches appreciatively]
    Effie: Peeta!
  • Katniss meeting Wiress and Beetee, especially her Captain Obvious moment when they point out the forcefield.
    Beetee: Ah, electromagnetic.
    Katniss: How can you tell? [Wiress starts giggling] Is it obvious?
    Beetee: [giggling] Is it obvious...
    Wiress: [still giggling] They may as well put up a sign.
    • Katniss never gets the answer out of them.