Funny / The Help

  • The look on Skeeter's face after Minny explained about the "Terrible Awful" is incredibly humorous, despite the fact it's supposed to be a bit of a serious moment for the two of them.
  • Most scenes with Minny and Celia count, especially the scene where Celia suggests they burn the fried chicken a bit in order to keep up the charade that Celia is actually cooking everything instead of Minny, and the look Minny gives her is absolutely hilarious. Minny don't burn chicken.
    • Becomes a Brick Joke later when Celia's husband reveals at the end that he knew from the start what Celia and Minny were doing...because the first night she cooked, the food was too perfect.
  • Hell, the Terrible Awful hands down. Minny giving Hilly the pie and telling what's in it? Funny. Mrs. Walters laughing at Hilly's reaction and telling Minny to run? Even funnier.
  • Doubling as Skeeter's Crowning Moment of Awesome, Skeeter says a gigantic "Fuck you" to Hilly by putting an ingenious typo in the newsletter about Hilly's initiative. Simply by changing the word "coats" to "commodes"... Hilarity Ensues, and how. Basically any time someone fucks with Hilly, it's either this or a Crowning Moment of Awesome. Or both.
    • "I go potty."
    • The book takes it one step further, by pointing out that since apparently it was a slow news day, Hilly's front lawn made the national news!
  • This gem from the novel, after Skeeter announces that the book is being published: "Just as soon, we're all hugging each other. Me and Aibilene. Aibilene and Minny. Minny looks in my general direction."
  • Hilly gets to the chapter of the book that covers the pie, and starts screaming bloody murder. This is right after a group of black girls breaking into howls of laughter at the same chapter.