Funny: The Hardy Boys

  • In the earliest books, Chet Morton was often portrayed as an irrepressible prankster, and often the books would have a chapter concerning one of his pranks as filler material or to help the plot (IE: in "Tower Treasure", to prevent the bumbling police detective Oscar Smuff from ruining Fenton Hardy's interrogation of a dying criminal, Chet comes up with an idea to make a fake "bomb" by putting an alarm clock in a box and hiding it under a fruit stand, and has another boy find it under there. The proprietor alerts Chief Collig and Detective Smuff, causing a major fuss and thus making the policemen miss their train). Sometimes it could come off as being a bit douchey.
  • After being set up with fake credit cards planted in their van and interrogated by Chief Collig, he dismisses them easily, but in a gruff manner. And then Joe asks:
    Are we still friends?
  • The always-stoic Gray Man once treated the boys to a meal, and he complains that they almost ran his paycheck dry with the bill.
  • Bowling as Aunt Gertrude's hobby is funny in of itself already, but the fact that she does it to relieve stress makes it even more hilarious.
  • At the end of Acting Up, a Bollywood star they befriended decided to have a little fun and directed a few of his fans to ask Frank for an autograph, introducing the latter as a foreign star. Joe couldn't keep a straight face and wanted to kid Frank about it, but Frank got the last laugh when he told Joe he signed the autographs in Joe's name.

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