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Funny: The Happening
  • At one point, Elliot decides to attempt diplomacy with a plant. When it doesn't reply, he feels compelled to touch it, presumably to check its pulse.
    Plastic. I'm talking to a plastic plant. I'm still doing it.
  • "What? Nooooo..."
  • "What kind of terrorists are these?"
  • "Why you eyein' my lemon drink?"
  • There is something surreal over watching people calmly commit suicide over and over again in exactly the same way; to the point where it becomes ridiculous. Also some of the methods of death were highly comical; ripped to death by lions, starting a lawn-mower and lying underneath its path and head-butting a wall. It makes what should be horrifying seem more like a Monty Python skit.
  • The plant farmer's tangent on why Hot Dogs are underrated.
  • "Cheese and Crackers."
  • The news sections are oftentimes funny in a deadpan way.
    -News Reporter: An unconfirmed source says the government is responsible.
  • The suicides with multiple people start off as chilling, then gradually hit Overly Long Gag territory. A perfect example would be the pistol scene.
  • Elliot singing "Black Water" by The Doobie Brothers in order to prove they're "perfectly normal". Spencer Breslin's unintentional Aside Glance just seals the deal.
  • The unbelievably stilted dialogue, which gives you the impression that Shyamalan hasn't spoken to a human being after The Sixth Sense came out.
  • The Jeep crash scene.
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