Funny / The Green Berets

  • Sgt. Petersen being woken up by Sgt Muldoon, before the crack of dawn.
    Petersen: 3:30! Is that right, Sarge?
    Muldoon: That's right, Soldier-boy. That's right!
    Petersen: We'd better get some sleep! We've got a hell of a lot of work to do tomorrow!
  • One look at Peterson's non-military issued pajamas.
  • Discussing Muldoon's avid interest in blowing stuff up.
    Doc McGee: How come you like blowing things up so much?
    Muldoon: My dad gave me a chemistry set. It got bigger than both of us.
  • The whole scene regarding Provo's last request.
    Sergeant Muldoon: Are you sure that's what he wanted?
    Colonel Kirby: Affimative!
    Sergeant Muldoon: Maybe he liked so many guys thinking about him.
    Colonel Kirby: Besides that... It SINGS. (exits)
    Sergeant: (to Muldoon) It sings?
    Sergeant Muldoon: (bemused) That's what he said... Provo's Privy, It DOES sing!