Funny: The Gmod Idiot Box

  • Episode 3:
    • Otacon gets cut off and taken down by Dr. Hax for hacking into Kenneth Baker's personal files and for being a hacker in general. Hax replies to Solid Snake over codec with...well, what else?
    Solid Snake: Are you a hacker?
    Hal "Otacon" Emmerich: Yep, that describes me pretty well. *cuts off to static*
    Solid Snake: What's going on over there? *Dr. Hax appears* Let me guess...
    Solid Snake: This guy kinda gives me the creeps.
  • Episode 9:
    • GONO*RRHEA! *crotch bursts into flames and blasts a hole through the wall, while Coach screams like a raid siren*
    Nick: Coach, you do that again, and I will bury you alive.
    • The opening, where #1 constantly pesters Bo Schitt into going to a cinema with and watching various movies with the number 9 in their titles leading to a long montage of #1 saying "9!", buying their tickets (from a Vortigaunt ticket vendor no less) and #1 laughing at the movie in question. The montage gets faster...and just briefly in one point you can see #1 projectile vomiting everywhere instead of laughing.
      • Said opening also shows for a split second the poster of the movies that #1 and Bo Schitt were watching. The movie that triggered said projectile vomiting? Cloud 9, a German film about elder sexuality.
    • And after said intro, Bo Schitt keeps hearing #1's "9!" and laughter in his head until he finally snaps and, grinning like a maniac, slams his head on his keyboard numerous times, which somehow still manages to produce the episode in Sony Vegas!
    • The Boomer sitting on people to the tune of "I Sit On You" He sits on a C4 explosive, Santa's lap, Sniper's perch blocking his view, Zoey ("OH GOD, HE'S CRUSHING ME!!",), a Tank, Dr. Hax's head and eventually falls into a bomb pit from Team Fortress 2, causing an explosion...and he still flies out of the pit to do more sitting on people.
  • Episode 11:
    • The prologue. #1 surfs the web until his clock strikes midnight and his Youtube page changes to show its been a year since ep 10 was released. #1 crushes his can of Bonk (causing it to scream in a high pitched Scout voice) and attempt to get Bo Schitt to do the next episode. When he doesn't wake him up? He almost attacks him with a chainsaw...until he flashes back to episode 9's prologue and smashes Bo Schitt with a wrecking ball...and this manages to produce ep 11 in an instant.
    • Francis rejoicing upon seeing the safehouse entrance revealed, then driving a bumper car all the way there with the Super Sonic music from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 playing and him going "woooo!" every few seconds.
    • Captain Keys...
    • Wrex channel surfing and the Starchild telling him to just choose a channel.
    Starchild: Your time is at an end. You must decide.
    Wrex: I don't take orders from you. *whacks Starchild into a box*
    Starchild: SO BE IT! *Summons a Reaper who smashes Wrex's satellite dish.*
    • DO THE HARLEM SHAKE! *Isaac Stomp!* NO!
    • At the end of the episode:
    *cue shot of Heavy spazzing around in circles* set to music from Donkey Kong Country
  • Episode 12:
    • The prologue has Das Bo Schitt sporting a new face and posting it online for all to see. The moment it gets a single downvote? #1 slams the same blender from Duke Nukem Foreverquest on his head and reverts Bo Schitt's face back to Male_07's. And then adds on Bo Schitt's head the same blue bag-like hat he's had in certain other videos.
    • Bo Schitt's subsequent attempts to buy alcohol which are stymied by his ID still having his uglier new face. Barney Calhoun is not impressed. And Bo Schitt ends up in jail for use of a fake ID.
    • RED Spy tries on AXE bodyspray for his upcoming date with BLU Scout's mother. note 
    • The introduction of Chuckles the Cheat's new rival, one Dennis the Douchebag. Their subsequent hack battle afterward. And said rival having a reality hacking iPhone.
    • Max Payne breaking his hip post dramatic dive. And dying of pain pills overdose afterward.
    Counter-Terrorists win!"
    • Heavy failing at Minecraft.
    • DayZ Housing Inc. Door hinges not included.
    • Dr. Kleiner's new TV Show "Kleiney" revealing that Gordon Freeman is the father of his and Chell's baby, leading to them having a heated argument. A silent heated argument.
  • Episode 13:
    • Bill pelvic thrusting in front of Fem!Shep and Garrus in the middle of a make-out session, set to a mix of the Mass Effect 2 club music and the Bill Nye the Science Guy theme. The best part is that Garrus actually gives him a thumbs-up.
    • The Breaking Bad segment: Walter White and the Scout walk up to a house. The Scout knocks, drawing Walts ire (only he's allowed to knock), causing him to break the Scout's neck with the door before Jesse disposes of his corpse with acid (and destroys a bathtub and ceiling in the process).
    Walt: "I am the one who knocks!"
    Jesse: "BITCH!!!"
    • In the opening #1 rescues Bo Schitt from prison by crashing Gordon Freeman's car through the walls of his jail cell (crushing Renamon in the process). What sells the scene is #1's enthusiastic waving at him.
  • Episode 14:
    • The prologue. Gordon Freeman FINALLY gets a lead from his Mafia pal as to where #1 went with his car. Cue Mafia guy asking Freeman if he understands...and since Gordon Freeman is Gordon Freeman, he can't speak over the phone, just nod...which the Mafia guy can't see, so he assumes Gordon might be fucking with him and puts a contract out on him. Ooops.
    • At one point in the PAYDAY 2 skit, Dallas and Chains pick the locks on windows by spinning in place while repeatedly shouting "Picking!"
    • Nicole Brennan still haunts Isaac Clarke to this day, even as he goes to the bathroom. Result? Isaac beats himself senseless trying to get rid of her. The BLU Medic walks in and the Liar Liar reference kicks in resulting in Isaac being committed.
    BLU Medic: What the hell are you doing?!
    Isaac: I'm kicking my ASS! DO YOU MIND?
    • The trials and tribulations of poor Michael De Santa. Tries to practice his gun skills in the middle of a desert with not a soul around? Cue the blue fury of the entire LSPD coming down on him. Tries to brush up his heist skills with PAYDAY 2? Cue the above skit, ending with Michael getting server banned and hanging himself in shame. Tries to pay his hospital bills? Sorry, Aiden Pearce hacks the money out of existence and the bank's "security" (consisting entirely of one inanely grinning Arne Magnusson) kicks Michael in the butt. It's the sort of shit Trevor would love to watch.
    • The way Aiden Pearce saunters past the ATMs to cheery music in the Watch_Dogs skit (after screwing things up for other characters), complete with Wacky Sound Effects, is pure Looney Tunes, and very hilarious.
    ATM: Hey kid.
    Aiden Pearce: (slides in front of the ATM as a face appears on its screen)
    ATM: I'm a comPUter.
    Aiden:...(looks at it quizzically)
    ATM: Stop all
    Dr. Hax: THE HAAAAAAX!!
    Chuckles: DOWNTOWN! (tosses a monitor at Aiden)
    • And then Dr. Hax catches up to him, first through his protege Chuckles the Cheat throwing a monitor at him, and then, after Aiden knocks Chuckles down with his rod, by sandwiching the sap between two ATMs.
    • It's then followed up with Hax and Chuckles teleporting away from where they dealt with Aiden to clean up a crash he had caused earlier in the skit. Hax hands Chuckles a broom and...
      Chuckles: Aw, crap.