Funny / The Garbage Pail Kids Movie

As surprising as it may sound, even a movie this notorious has its share of hilarity.

  • Captain Manzini lends himself to a lot of these.
    • This exchange he has with Foul Phil.
    Foul Phil: Daddy?
    Captain Manzini: Not in this lifetime, little pest.
    • When he tries to send Dodger out for ingredients to use in a spell on the Garbage Pail Kids, only to be informed that they can't get the ingredients anymore.
    Captain Manzini: That's 20th century progress for you. We can put a man on the moon, but we can't find the ingredients we need for a magic trick.
  • While joyriding in the Pepsi truck, the Kids run over Juice's van, reducing it to a pancake.
  • When Ali Gator gets cornered by the bikers at The Toughest Bar in the World and they declare that they're going to make him into alligator shoes, Ali shouts "Yeah" before realizing what he's agreeing to and correcting himself with "No".
  • At one point in the State Home for the Ugly, we hear maniacal laughter in the background, prompting an exchange between the two guards.
    Guard 1: Am I glad I was transferred out of that laboratory.
    Guard 2: Did you see any experiments?
    Guard 1: Oh, yeah. Those doctors, they like to hurt people.