Funny / The Game of the Gods

  • The best moments come courtesy of Varda's probably-unwise-in-hindsight decision to let Fëanor play a round. He promptly ran off at the end of the chapter and began to cause as much chaos as elvenly possible. Morgoth winds up hiding under the table several times.
  • Elvish ninjas. That is all. Oh, and Tulkas telling Morgoth that he needs a girlfriend.
  • After one of Morgoth's Sues gets killed by the Balrog without any effort on the part of his opponent, he gets this letter: note 
    Dear goth,
    Should ve known, you astard. You de ed me wage bene and no raise for mil years. Of course I would venge on you, and your p cious Sue.
    Sin ly,
    Bal g of Mor a.
  • The entire chapter with the Fangirl Japanese Sue. Genki Girl doesn't even begin to describe it.
  • "Morgoth would have had the good grace to look ashamed, if he had known what 'good grace' or 'ashamed' meant."
  • Varda's comments on one of the Sues. "Shall I ask Nienna to weep for her? Or perhaps Fëanor to create a very small violin?"
  • Varda waits for Morgoth to play one of his Sues.
    Varda: Well, put her in motion. I need another break after this, and I'll need to find someone else to play for me.
    The air near her gave a hopeful whine.
    Varda: Not you, Saruman, so don't even ask.
  • Varda complains about the increasing number of escapes from the Halls of Mandos.
    Varda: Eru damn it, it's getting like a sieve in there.