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Funny: The Flight of Dragons
  • Smrgol and Gorbash/Peter get drunk and sing, "Oh, Susannah!" — and then wake up in the ruins of the inn they were staying in:
    Gorbash/Peter: Did we...?
    Smrgol: Don't admit anything!
  • Watching normal Gorbash in general. Loved it when he starts to dance excitedly, only to start floating up into the air.
  • Gorbash/Peter and Sir Orrin's chat by the fire about Milisande. Sir Orrin then (kindly) points out that if Peter weren't stuck the way he was, he'd have to ask him for a duel for the princess. All the while continuing treat Peter kindly.
  • Gorbash/Peter's training session with Smrgol.
    • Also, Peter admitting to him he's never had a craw before.
      Smrgol: Ah, shut up and eat yer limestone.
    • The above quote is especially funny because Smrgol previously referred to limestone as "white fire rock," saying that "limestone" was:
      "A puny man-word if I ever heard one!"
  • "Why am I always the bad guy?"

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