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Funny: The Final Sacrifice
  • When Troy shoots Satoris:
    Tom: "Ow. You shot my butt! What the hell? You shot me in the butt!"
  • As Satoris dies and burns:
    Crow: "So Mike, when most humans get shot in the butt, they burst into flames?"
    Mike: "Well, umm..."
    Crow: "Turn around, let's try it."
  • The "Canada Song"
  • And of course...
    Tom: "You've got mud on your face / Ya big dis-grace / Shovin' those sandwiches into your face, / Singin'"
    All: "We will, we will, Rowsdower!"
    Tom: "SING IT!!"
  • The entire sequence with Mike Pipper, especially the Yosemite Sam impressions.
    Troy: "You knew my father?"
    Servo (as Pipper): "Knew him?! He was delicious!"
  • From the same sequence:
    Troy: What happened to him?
    Mike (as Pipper): I jerked him!
  • "I'd like to sing something from Bone Machine..."
  • Troy trying to cut himself loose from the ropes:
    Mike (as Troy): "I dropped it! ... Which is the sharp side? ... Um, I cut both my wrists! ... Um, I somehow swallowed the knife."
  • When Rowsdower nearly bashes Troy's head in during a brief case of mistaken identity..
    '''Mike (as Troy): "Wait, it's me!"
    '''Tom Servo (as Rowsdower): "I know!"
  • "Rowsdower-mobile awaaaaaay!"
  • "Canadian villain Garth Vader!"
  • When Troy's walking through a forest of trees looking at the map.
    Crow(As Troy): Turn left at the tree. That helps.
  • The name Zap Rowsdower is already amusing on its own, but hearing Satoris growling it out in his evil, pitch-adjusted voice is enough to send Mike and the Bots into a giggling fit.
  • The whole "Larry Csonka" Running Gag is this....namely because the name Larry Csonka generally sounds silly.
    Tom (As Troy): * the tune of Sarah MacLachlan's Possession* "...and I will be the hold Larry Csonka down...kiss him so hard...I'll take Larry Csonka's breath away....". The fact that Tom sings it in a flat, sing-songy manner makes it funnier.
    Mike (As Photo Of Troy's Dad/"Larry Csonka-A-Like"): "Hey! Get this caterpillar off my lip!"
  • Some ominous establishment shots of the tiny town is shown while the sound of Rowsdower trying to start his truck is heard....
    Crow: "Uh oh. The town's Alternator is shot."
  • Troy calls the Operator, trying to find out about Mike Pipper but to no avail...
    *Troy hangs up phone*
    Crow: "Aaaaaaannnndddd the investigation comes to a close!"
  • The entire "Rowsdower's Terrifying Satoris-Induced Flashback-Nightmare of Doom" sequence....culminating in.....
    *Rowsdower has a Catapult Nightmare moment, screaming*
    Mike (as Rowsdower): ".....I FORGOT THE LIQUOR STORE CLOSES AT EIGHT!"
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