Funny / The Drowsy Chaperone

  • "Bride's Lament" is Stylistic Suck done hilariously right. Or wrong. Or both.
  • "He was the Allbright Toothpaste man, which was really popular because the main ingredient was cocaine. It was the 5th one down on the list. Right after sugar."
  • "Man of a thousand accents. All of them offensive."
  • "That was pure vodka, you POOP!"
  • "As we stumble! Bumble! Fumble!... ... ... ...PLUMBLE!
  • "Try not to think of the poodles."
  • "I Am Adolfo!"
    • "I can sing it very fast, 'Adolfo!' I can sing it very I would do it now, but it would take hours."
  • " L-*cane drops* while you can."