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Funny / The Dragon King's Temple

  • Chapter 9 has SGC calling the Avatar world "Dur'Asada" without knowing what it means.

    "The world's name, as given by the Gatebuilders, is Asunyti. It means something like place of spirits, although for specifics you must speak to the Wise One."
    "And Dur'Asada?" Sam asked.
    Sanura's grin was all teeth. "It is a warning. Loosely translated to your Tau'ri terms? It means Danger, Do Not Enter."

  • Chapter 10 has an even funnier example.
    "Did Sanura explain about dur'Asada?" Urdu asked.
    "Do Not Enter, Here Be Dragons?" Jack paraphrased flippantly.
    • Little does Jack know, there are ACTUAL dragons on Asunyti.

  • Chapter 11 has several.
    • Jack and Sokka getting along via snark.
    • Sokka claiming that they though Zuko and Toph had been kidnapped by "flying mutant ninja were-lemurs" and Zuko's response.

  • Chapter 11- Toph and Zuko's reunion with the Gaang, and them learning that Toph and Zuko know how to earth-heal and fire-heal respectively.
    Toph's grin had officially reached Epic proportions. "Isn't it obvious?" she asked archly, and punched Zuko in the arm. "Zuko finally coughed up my Life-Changing Field Trip!"
    A moment of silence.
    "Oooooh," the four newcomers said in unison.

    • The sad part is that they act like this explains everything. The sadder part is that they're correct.