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Funny: The Dark Lords of Nerima
  • "Are these fugitives really so skilled at hiding their trail that they can confuse your vaunted beasts?" "If they were just 'skilled' it would be nothing. This trail is... diabolical. They're taking the rooftops, jumping, doubling back on themselves, crisscrossing countless times in every conceivable direction... In all my years, I've never seen anyone take such a perverse delight in confusing their path." They're talking about Ryouga.
  • "...and considering all this, the conclusion is unmistakable. We are being challenged by a highly organized, devilishly subtle group of foes." Used to describe the Nerima Wrecking Crew.
  • The Closet Shuffle scene is one of the funniest things this troper has every read, period.
  • When Shampoo, Ukyou and Akane go to help Ranma and Ryouga at Furinkan High, they "get in character" and the result is hilarious. "Dark Queen Shampoo", anyone?
  • Rei's attempt to divine the goals of the Nerima crew in her sacred fire. A Minor Crowning Moment of Awesome for the fire in managing to get even as close as it did.
  • The moment Ranma realizes that all the girls added extra explosives to the pedestal, then learned that the whole thing was on a gas main.
  • Happosai, one of- if not the- most perverted characters in all of anime, vs. an army of scantily-clad demon women, most of whom fall into the category of Cute Monster Girl. Need we say more?
    • Cologne's reaction just makes it even funnier. "Merciful ancestors, it's him."
  • One can't blame Tuxedo Kamen for getting tired of Kuno's ham-filled speeches. When he finally defeats his opponent, he utters: "Kuno Tatewaki, in the name of love and justice... shut up."
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