Funny / The Dark Elf Trilogy

  • After escaping from yet another Underdarkian peril, there is a paragraph which starts, “They ran through the winding tunnels blindly, hoping that no monsters would rear up suddenly before them.” The sheer blandness of the statement, coupled with the no-fuckin'-duh sentiment— 'hoping that no monsters would rear up suddenly before them' could be appended to nearly EVERY sentence in ANY book— makes this line unintentionally hilarious. And that's even before getting into the Fourth Wall Painting wink-and-a-nod to Random Encounters aspect.
  • Drizzt telling Guenhwyvar to lie down on sleeping Belwar in order to annoy him. It works several times.
  • Bruenor's frequent musings about how Roddy McGristle's dog would taste. And his eventual regret when he eats its leg.
  • Early in Homeland, a fleeing Alton DeVir charges headlong into a Magic Mirror that turns out not to be the kind that takes you places.
    Perhaps it was just a mirror.
    • And then the guy trying to kill him is pissed that his mirror's broken - to the point he claims that's why he's trying to kill Alton. (Mirrors aren't easy to come by in a naturally pitch-black environment.)
  • In Sojourn, Drizzt pretends to be a very melodramatic black dragon trapped in the form of a drow, who's starting to develop an unnatural fondness for spiders. This manages to gross out the red dragon he's talking to, and then Drizzt starts worrying about what will happen if the dragon develops enough sympathy to turn him "back."
  • In Homeland, when Drizzt turns sixteen, Malice tells him he's allowed to look up and make eye contact with people, as he is no longer a lowly page prince. Drizzt interprets his newfound rights a little too broadly, to a level that Malice is too shocked by his sheer audacity to punish him. Zaknafein has to bite himself to keep from bursting out laughing.