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Funny / The ClueFinders

  • Numerous interactions between the characters in 3rd Grade are a CMOF. Including:
    Fletcher Limburger: Well.... peanuts, anyone?... that's what folks are saying— and there's an old superstition about a monster and a lost city.
    Santiago: Superstition?
    Leslie: Lost city?
    Joni: Monster?
    All: OWEN!!
    • In 3rd Grade, taking one of the halves of the key needed to enter the lost city reveals a trap door which leads them back to the fork in the road where they started. This leads to this exchange.
    Santiago: Trap door!
    Joni: Whee!
    Santiago: Whee?
    • When Fletcher Limburger is revealed to be the bad guy, he gets away from Joni and Santiago by practically flying over them and into his airplane disguised as Mathra.
  • In ClueFinders 4th Grade Adventures, the villain, Alistair Loveless, needs a Ring of Power MacGuffin for his evil plans:
    Loveless: Once I have the ring, I can proceed with... the ceremony!
    Professor Botch: Oh, are you getting married? How lovely!
    Loveless: I'm not getting married, you twit! I am an evil man, and I am up to no good!
    • From the same game, Alistair Loveless' Evil Laugh is parodied by him coughing, followed by "I swallowed my mint".