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Funny: The Chase

TV Show

  • More often than not, a question and/or the answer choices will cause Bradley to crack up, including...
    • "Dump, floater, and wipe" are terms used in which team sport—Badminton, Volleyball, Water Polo. The contestant chose "Water Polo", basing her decision on "floater". The correct answer was "Volleyball", answered correctly by Chaser Shaun Wallace, who then quipped "I was the best dumper in town when I used to play volleyball."
    • What is the cartoon character Andy Capp known as in Germany—Dick Tingeler, Helmut Schmacker, Willi Wakker. After saying "Dick Tingeler", Bradley had trouble reading the rest of the choices without laughing. For the record, contestant Tim Vine (this was from a Celebrity Edition, which also had a Studio Audience, as the regular shows are done without one) chose "Dick Tingeler", while Chaser Mark Labbett chose "Helmut Schmacker". Neither chose the correct answer, which was "Willi Wakker".
    • "What songbird is known poetically as 'mavis'?" — Swallow, Starling, or Thrush. The contestant selects "Thrush", and says she thinks she's picked it up. This doesn't go unnoticed by Mark ("Is there a doctor in the house?") or the other contestants, and Bradley tries to keep a straight face:
    Bradley: The futile and immature people in the studio. Sincere apologies, that will not happen again; it's childish. (beat) Have you got some cream?
  • Then again, Bradley doesn't always need the help, see here.
    • Made all the more funnier due to the fact where the contestant pretty much has to announce the cut to a commercial break himself. And to top it off, after getting it right, he doesn't wait around in heading back to join the other players, causing Paul to burst into hysterical laughter.
  • Anne "reveals" her own middle name here.
  • The September 30th 2013 episode has a few. Like the guy who somehow got zero in the cashbuilder... then took his zero pounds to the table, stayed at zero pounds, then beat Mark and got to the Final Chase! Add the fact two players somehow took the high offer and WON and how the zero pounds guy got through with a full team... and well, Mark's reaction was just priceless.
  • The November 19, 2013 episode of the American version has a question about the country that produces bulgogi. Mark doesn't know the answer (Korea), but the contestant does... and so does Brooke.
    Brooke: I never thought I'd say this... I'm going to school you on some food.

  • The Stinger. It's Charlie Sheen in the clown outfit that he wears during the Imagine Spot halfway through the movie. And he's doing the "I Love The Smell of Napalm" monologue (that he probably heard in Real Life as he was on the set of Apocalypse Now with his dad Martin).

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