Funny / The Carol Burnett Show

  • The green velvet curtain dress from "Went With the Wind."
    • Near the beginning of the sketch, Starlet and Melody lampshade the fact Melody's personality Tastes Like Diabetes:
    Starlet: Why don't you just stick your head in the punch bowl? I'm sure it could use a little more sugar.
    Melody: Okay. (she obeys)
    • The sketch has a running gag where Starlet's maid, Sissy, panics about things, until Starlet slaps her. The end of the sketch inverts this: After Rat leaves Starlet, she panics the same way Sissy did earlier, prompting Sissy to slap her.
    Sissy: Well, frankly, Miss Starlet, I don't give a damn!
  • Only appeared as a blooper years later, but still.. after the director told everyone time was short and not to goof around, Tim Conway proceeded to absolutely destroy a Mama's Family sketch by talking about a pair of Siamese elephants joined at their trunks, and the pathetic "fnorthl" noise they had to make instead of trumpeting. After Burnett desperately tried to get the show back on track by asking Vicki Lawrence in character to continue what she was saying, Lawrence replied, also in character, "You sure that little asshole's through?" Wave goodbye to any hope of recovering the sketch after that.
  • The dentist sketch, with Tim Conway constantly giving himself accidental injections of Novocaine, and becoming more and more uncoordinated as a result. Made even more awesome by Harvey Korman becoming less and less able to hold himself together.
  • Tim Conway again, this time as a Nazi commandant who interrogates POW Lyle Waggoner with an Adolf Hitler hand puppet.
  • Turnabout is fair play; Carol returns the favor to Tim in this outtake, with a rather risqué body appliance.
  • In the Love Story parody, after the doctor tells Harvey, but not Carol, that she only has five minutes left, Harvey asks Carol if she'd like something to eat in her hospital bed. Carol answers, "I'd love a four-minute egg."
  • The "Mary Worthless" sketch, already a good parody of the famous newspaper strip, gets thrown completely Off the Rails in the last 90 seconds or so, starting with a missed doorbell cue, ending with Harvey receiving Pie in the Face and leaping out the window, with Carol trying to deliver her final monologue through tears of laughter. Take a look.