Funny / The Cable Guy

  • "I think he was...ASIAN!"
    • "He was speaking another language... I'm pretty sure it was...Asian."
  • The Medieval Times fight scene between Chip and Steven.
    • Chip chasing after Steven with a mace.
    • Chip's hammy reaction after Steven throws some dirt his face.
      Chip: I'M BLINDED! OH, SHIT!
    • Chip and Steven start fighting with bladed staffs, and Chip notes the similarity to the famous fight scene in TOS's "Amok Time." Chip then proceeds to start singing the iconic fight scene music as he and Steven fight, and gets way into character as Spock, even calling Steven "Jim."
      Steven: Chip, this isn't funny! Will you stop it?
      Chip: The name is "Spock." And if we don't fight to the death, they will kill us both.
      Steven: This isn't Star Trek!
      Chip: (twirls his staff until the bladed end is upright, then glares at Steven who's clearly thinking Oh, Crap!) Goodbye, Jim.
  • Chip beating up Robin's date in the bathroom.
    • Before that, Chip popping up behind the guy in the bathroom stall.
  • "Tonight, on UPN! The trial that has captured the nation! The world is waiting for the verdict! But YOU don't have to wait for the movie!"
    Sam Sweet (played by Eric Roberts): (scoffs) Crybaby.
    Stan Sweet (also played by Eric Roberts): I love you!
    Sam Sweet: You were ALWAYS such a crybaby! (Stan pleads for him to stop) Look who's cryin' now!
    Announcer: ERIC ROBERTS is Stan and Sam Sweet, in...Brother Sweet Brother: The Killing of Stanton Sweet. Parental discretion advised.
  • Chip visits Steven in jail and, in a parody of a similar scene from Midnight Express, presses his bare chest against the glass, attracting unwanted amorous attention to Steven from a nearby prisoner.
    Chip: Ohh, Billy...
  • Steven's nightmare. While it has Nightmare Fuel, Chip was hilarious in it.
  • A spider crawls on Chip's face while talking to Steven on the phone. What's better is that Chip doesn't seem to notice the spider. Which just adds to his creepiness.
  • The Unreveal of whether or not Stan Sweet is guilty punctuated by a disappointed viewer at home (Kyle Gass) noticing a book on his side table, picking it up and happily reading it.